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Comm Protocols

  • Priority messages are indicated by a two-tone chime.
  • A chime denotes that a person joins an open comm channel.

Types of Comm

Comm Channels

A wide number of comm channels are available divided into:

Comm channels are often divided into:

Person to person communications is possible using a comm thread and earbug or a throatmike set to a specific channel. Two comm channels can be utilised at a time by wearing two sets of comm thread and earbug. These can be used in the following modes:

Z-suit Comm

Z-suits and z-armor provide comms functions which can be in the following modes:

Comm Security

Communications channels can be intercepted by comm-scanners and so military comm traffic is regularly encrypted and often reliant on having a comm lock and employing pinhole mode.

Text communication is supported by comm-pads.

Comm can be carried by hardlines rather than broadcast by radio or comm-laser.


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