Children of the Pale God

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One of the organizations mentioned by the Grand Captain of the Knights of Wonder.

T178, Swedish Empire of Russia
Excerpt from the Lubeck Herald:
The Grand Captain of the Knights of Wonder, Baron Ivan Berensen, appeared here in Lubeck to annouce the dissolution of his order. The Baron seemed unwell, perhaps because of the pressures that led to his decision, and collapsed at the end of his announcement. His announcement came as a surprise to local spiritual and teporal authorities. Because of its significance, the Baron's speech is given verbatim below.

"My brothers, our order was founded for a single purpose: to oppose the growing force of evil with the clear eyes of wonder. It was, and I believe still is, a noble purpose, and I have devoted my life to that cause.

"Unfortunately, that purpose has been corrupted. Our wonder and tolerance led us to acceptance, which in turn led a few to embrace that evil. Only a few, yet that embrace was fatal."

At this point the Baron paused, apparently overcome some physical distress.

"It has come to my attention..."

The Baron paused again, then resumed his speech in a voice that was suprisingly loud.

"Heed me, my brothers! We have lost this battle in the War of Shadows! Our Temples, Lodges, and Fellowships have all been infiltrated and subverted by the very evils we fought. Like vampires, these Extra-Denominational Religious Organizations - the Freemasons of Bavaria, the Followers of Kulhuz, the Worshippers of Biarni, the Dread Initiates of Hapsburg and the Yellow Stein, the Tuatha de Danaan, the Assassins, the Children of the Pale God, the Cult of a Thousand Hives, the Bull-worshippers of Adina, and even the lowly Clockmakers of Achaea -- have wormed their way like vampires into the very heart of our Stronghold.

"This battle is lost. To save what remains, on this day, May 12, Anno Domini 1684, I command the Knights of Wonder to disband."

The Baron paused for a long time. When he spoke again, his voice could barely be heard.

"This battle is lost, but the War goes on. To my brothers who still remain true to our cause, I have one final command.

"Disband, but remember. Remember our purpose deep in your hearts. Carry it like a flame, to pass on to future generations, so that wonder and tolerance can survive, and evil will finally be overcome and defeated. I...

The Baron paused for one last time.

"...I'm sorry, my brothers. I can no longer..."

At this point the Baron collapsed and was carried to a nearby inn. Recently we learned that the good Baron has passed away, apparently the victim of some wasting disease.

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