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T206, Khemer Empire
Glorious news - handed from trader to traveler to tavern-keeper - made its slow, meandering way out of the hinterlands of Laos and down to the Khemer cities. Hunters searching for elephant tusk had stumbled across a temple deep in the Laotian forest, carved from the face of a mountain shouldering above the green canopy of the jungle, showing gleaming white marble to the sky. An enormous statue of the Bodhisattva looked out upon the land, and within the mountain, such marvelous caves!

But more of interest to the common people, to the priests, to the monks, to the merchants - inscriptions upon the walls of the caves (inscribed and carved and wraught with such beauty) spoke of prince Siddartha, of the Gautama Buddha, and they said he had walked upon the very stones, prayed in the very caves, slept upon a bed of stone therein!

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