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Nisei honorifics, keigo, are divided into sonkeigo, respectful words, and kenjougo, humble words. The use of each depends on the notions of "out-group" and "in-group".

  • -dono: An archaic and highly formal version of "san" used when asking for something important.
  • -chan: Female diminutive. Used to denote familiarity or a kind of cuteness.
  • -kohai: Used to denote someone of a lower status than the speaker.
  • -kun: Male diminutive. Used to denote someone of lower status or a small level of impoliteness.
  • -kyo: Sir.
  • -sama: Very honourable and used when addressing someone of much higher status – of royalty or godhood.
  • -san: used for peers and acquaintances.
  • -sana: In the Sixth Sun used for female peers and acquaintances as a result of the influence of Norman and French.
  • -senpai: Used to denote someone of a higher status than the speaker.
  • -sensei: Teacher.

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