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Llahal and lahal, doms;
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This is the entry-point to the Book of Kregen, a collaborative database of information about Kenneth Bulmer's epic science-fiction series concerning the life of that onker Dray Prescot, a man of Earth hurled across the void of space to the awesome world of Kregen, under the green and red suns of Antares in the constellation of Scorpio.

Writing under the name Alan Burt Akers, Bulmer wrote fifty-two Dray Prescot novels - of which 37 have appeared in English, and many more in German.

Enter then, the world of Kregen, where an eons-old struggle between the Savanti and the Star Lords plays out under the emerald and roseate glow of Zim and Genodras...

Although I have had many names and been called many things by the men and beasts of two worlds, I was born plain Dray Prescot...

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