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Welcome to the Campaign One Encyclopedia, a reference for players (new and old) of the personal campaign of Lords of the Earth creator, Tom Harlan. Additions to this tome by present and former players are welcomed, though the submission guidelines are required reading for those who wish to contribute to this body of work.

Temporal anomalies:

  • Should T184 be 1695-1696 and T185 be 1697-1698?
  • The years 1693-1694 are indicated for both T183 and T184.
  • The years 1697-1698 are missing (T185 ended in 1696, T186 started in 1699).
  • The years 1721-1722 are missing (T196 ended in 1720, T197 started in 1723).

Historical Maps

Wire Traffic

  • Re: Save John and Dejah 2 April 2012
    And it is *much* better in 2D. However, that cinema is only doing one 2D showing a day (the 3D has already gone) and it probably ends this week. 3D seems to
  • Re: Save John and Dejah 27 March 2012
    [Apologies if people are already aware of this...] A fan has released what the trailer should have been...

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