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Campaign Fifteen is a minimal-start, reduced ruleset, game with only two maps in play: Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Your irritable and grumpy game-master is Colin Dunnigan.

Starting Positions

  • Sussex
  • Ile de France
  • Burgundy (no city)
  • Catalonia (no city)
  • Andalusia
  • Granada
  • Lorraine (no city)
  • Bavaria (no city)
  • Bohemia (no city)
  • Constantinople (no region...)
  • Lithuania (no city)
  • Poland (no city)
  • Latium
  • Savoy (no city)
  • Verona

Positions starting without a city have been given extra GP/NFP so that the player may build one if they wish.

Starting Wilderness areas also receive a bit more GP in order to cultivate the region should the player desire.

Ideally we'll have two players in Italy, two in France, two in Spain, three in Germany, two in the East, one Byzantine and one English., for 13 total.

North Africa and Denmark are currently out of play, as are any regions who don't have a title or stats printed on the map.

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