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The current version of the Lords One Encylopedia is here: [1]

But in the fullness of time, all of those entries will become wiki entries on this site.

Welcome to the Lords 1 Encyclopedia, an occasionally updated reference for players (new and old) of the personal campaign of Lords of the Earth creator, Tom Harlan. Additions to this tome by present and former players is welcomed, though I reserve the right to excercise the editorial "pen" as necessary. Submission guidelines are recommended reading for those who wish to contribute to this body of work.

As a point of reference, the last game turn processed was Turn 219 (1767-1768).

Orders for turn 220 are currently being processed.

Temporal anomalies:

  • Should T184 be 1695-1696 and T185 be 1697-1698?
  • The years 1693-1694 are indicated for both T183 and T184.
  • The years 1697-1698 are missing (T185 ended in 1696, T186 started in 1699).
  • The years 1721-1722 are missing (T196 ended in 1720, T197 started in 1723).

Maps: 1205 1215nw 1215ow 1410 1420 1470 1490 1610 1666 Current

A reduced size Current World Map circa 1768AD.


Aballach, Grand Duchy of, Aballach and Arnor, Twin Duchies of (see Arnor), Achaea, Crusader State of, Aeronautical Research & Fabrication, Afghanistan, Shahdom of, Afriqa, Empire of (see South Afriqa, Republic of), Afriqa Company, The Honorable, Albanian East India Company, Al’Haggar, Anchors, Arapaho Texas, Arnor, Realm of (see also Aballach), Arthedain, Kingdom of, Assassins of Alamut, Axum, Dark, Aztec Empire of Mexico (Azteca)


Bagua Zhang, Baklovakia, People's Republic, Baluchistan, Kingdom of, Bengal, Principate of, Berber Emirate, Black Fleet (see Maori Imperium), Black Hand, Order of the Black Plague, Bolivia, Principate of, Borang Bakufu, Borneo, Hosogawa, Britain, United Kingdoms of, British West India Company, Burgundy, Grand Duchy of (see Frankish Commonwealth)


Caquetio, Kingdom of Carthage, Emirate of Case Hammer (1699-???) Catalũna, Kingdom of Carib Free Traders, Association of Chandellas, Emirate of the Chimu, Kingdom of (see Incan Empire) Chinese Empire (see Ming Empire) Church Militant (see New Granada) Church Spiritual (see Papacy) Cilician War, The (1687-1695) Colorado, High Kingdom of Corsican Kingdoms Cuzco, Kingdom of


Danish Civil War (1635-???) Denmark (Danish Empire) Danish West Africa Danish-Bretan War, The (1627-1635) Danrajastahn Dark Axum (see Axum, Dark) Dray of Rhodes


Eastern Judah, Kingdom of Egypt, Coptic Empire of (see Ethiopia, Free Republic of) Egypt, Sultanate of England, Kingdom of (see Britain, United Kingdoms of) English Civil War (???-1610) English Independence, War for (1641-1656) Espana, Republica Popular de Ethiopia, Federated Imperial Republic of (see Ethiopia, Free Republic of) Ethiopia, Free Republic of Ethiopian War, The (1629-1649)


Falcòn, House of Flowering Sun, Order of the France, Kingdom of Franco-Inca Frankish Commonwealth French Civil War


Georgia, Cossack Khanate of Georgia, Kingdom of Ghostdancers Golden Horde Great African War (1625-1649) Great France Great Northern War (1669-1678) Great War in America (1533-1557) Grivpani i’ Timurlenk Gurvan, Khanate of


Hainan, Kingdom of Hecure's War (1613-1622) Holy Cross War (1699-1721) Holy Islamic Republic Hosogawa Borneo (see Borneo, Hosogawa) Humara China Huron Confederation


Iberia, Caliphate of Ice, The Ice War Ife, Empire of Ifriqa (see Songhai) Indonesian Free State International Red Kross Iran, Shahdom of Iroquois, Kingdom of Islamic Union Israel, Divine Kingdom of


Jalayrid Sultanate Japan, Empire of (see Japan, Tokugawa) Japan, Republic of (see Japan, Tokugawa) Japan, Tokugawa Javan Empire Jesuits (see Society of Jesus) Judah, Divine Kingdom of


Kalmar Senate K'ang Chinese Empire Karidjite Imamat Khemer Reborne! Khirgizia, Khaganate of Khitan Liao Khanate Khwarzim Shahdom Kiev, Principate of Knights of the Temple Kongo, Sultanate of Kush, Kingdom of


Lisbon Accords of 1724 Luzon, Shogunate of (see Taira Shogunate) Lybia, Christian Emirate of


Maasai, Coptic Kingdom of Macedon, Holy Kingdom of Mali Ax Empire Malta, Duchy of Maori Imperium Marôc, Sultanate of Mauritania, Christian Sharifate of Maximilian's War (1643-1648) Maya, Republic of Ming Empire of China Mitsubishi Zaibatsu (see Pacific Mercenary & Trust) Mixteca (see Mali Ax Empire) Mongol Empire Motaa Ojekh (see Axum, Dark) Morroco, Templar Kingdom of Mughal Empire of India


Nahuatl, Pocheteca Naipon-Austral Empire Naipon Seahold (see Taika'no Te'ikoku Hiro'i) Nanhai Wang'guo (see Taika'no Te'ikoku Hiro'i) Naples, Grand Duchy of Navarre, Kingdom of Netherlands, The Republic of the New Annam New Cordoba, Emirate of New French Empire New Granada, Teutonic Kingdom of New Incan Empire New Maasai New Mexican War, The (1625-1635) New Mexico, Viceroyalty of Nisei Republic Nisei Shogunate, Azuchi Nisei Shogunate, Hideyoshi Nisei Shogunate, Tokugawa (see Nisei Republic) Noquet, Kingdom of Norsktrad Northern Citadel (see Israel) Novgorod, Principality of (see Russian Empire)


Occitania, Kingdom of (see Spain, Kingdom of) Other Mysteriousness Ottoman Empire Outreamer, Crusader Kingdom of (see Arthedain, Kingdom of) Overstjord


Pacific Mercenary & Trust Pandyan Empire (see Rajput India) Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church (Azorean Papacy) Persian Empire, Safavid Polish Free State Polytechnic League Prester John, Kingdom of Primacy of Oro Procurare, House of (see Nörsktrad) Pure Realm on Earth


Q'aba Jihad, The (1633-1649) Qing Empire of China


Rajput India Russian Empire


Saint John, Knights of (see New Granada) Sarawak, Kingdom of Scotland, Aztec Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Shawnee Empire Shi'a Imamat Shikongou Dantai (see Pacific Mercenary & Trust) Shir'le's War (1737-1744) (see Java) Sisters of the Rose Society of Jesus Songhai Empire Songhay (see Songhai) South Africa (Sud Africa), Republic of Southern League Spain, Cruzadero Kingdom of Spain, Republic of Spanish Civil War (1739-1747) Swedish Civil War (1626-1636) Swedish Empire of Russia Syria, Sultanate of


Tabor, Knights of Taika'no Te'ikoku Hiro'i Taira Shogunate of Luzon Tamerlane, Knights of Tatar Khanate of Go-Kur-Matahn Tatar Kingdom of Borneo (see Borneo, Hosogawa) Te niho o Oro Tewfik, Noble House of Tezcatlipan, Robber Kingdom of Thai Empire Three Isles, Duchy of Timor Seahold Tokugawa Japan (see Japan, Tokugawa) Trebizond, Exarchate of True Incan Empire Turkestan, Khanate of Tzompanctli, Kingdom of


Vastmark, Principate of Viet Annam (see Javan Empire)


Wallachia, Grand Duchy of War Against the Beast (1743-1744) War of Purity (1679-1692) War of the Aztec Succession (1649-1662) West Africa, Republic of White Tower, The Wolfden & Cane Holdings


Yaqui Zacateca (see Israel) Yasarid India


Zacateca, Viceroyalty of Zion, People's Republic of Zulu Natal

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