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Shuttles and the Captain’s Launch on Fleet warships are held in boat bays. These are usually outside the secondary hull and are relatively cold compared with the hab core of the ship. Propellant tanks for these craft are located near the boat bay.

As potential 'weak points' in the shipskin, the outer boat bay access doors are protected by dedicated point-defense systems. The boat bays also serve as ready stations for the Imperial Marines.

The interior of a boat bay is white and gray in contrast with the matte-black of IMN shuttles and ships, and illuminated by banks of lights. Landing guide lights mark the entrance to the bay. The smaller craft are held within cradles that clamp onto the vehicle and hold it securely.

A boat bay usually has no interior g-decking as it would interfere with the docking and launching manoeuvres of a shuttle; for z-g conditions g-decking is present in the reception bay. To allow for when main drive acceleration is providing g, the 'floor' of the bay is aligned downship with the orientation of decks aboard the ship. A painted walkway designates safe areas of the deck.


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