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One thread is reminiscent of the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", and more recently "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. This proposes that the line of Clovis (and therefore in Lords One the ancient line of the Danish Kings) were descended from Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the Danish dynasties are relatively recent and any descent from the line of Clovis would appear to be tenuous at best.

The Genealogy of Ameur bin Skikda

Ameur bin Skikda has become the Paraclete of the Faithful of the Kel Al’Haggar Fedyakin, the Orange Catholics, who follow the Book that seeks to unify Christian and Islamic teachings.

Danish Dynasties.JPG

The last members of this supposed descent were Kristatos Artaxerxes Paleologai, King of the Greeks, Emperor of the Danes, Protector of Italy, Mjolnir-na-Midgaard, Rex Germanicus, Pendragon of the Isles, and his daughter Oniko. By a quirk of fate, the only apparent living survivor of this dynasty, following the destruction of Venice in 1744 by the Daemon Sultan, was Ameur bin Skikda.

The Lullite thread is thought by some to be related to this as well.

Newsfax Entries

1747-1748 T209
Fragments from a letter circulated among certain priests and bishops in the Amerikas: The father enters small audience chamber, accompanied by Brother G., the «struck out» archivist. All present kiss his ring silently.

The father: I have gathered you here today to discuss the «struck out» project. There has been resistance, both open and hidden, from you and other members of the brotherhood. This resistance ends now. We, the guardians and leaders of this world’s «struck out, word replaced with kurikon» must stand united. Now, perhaps we can start by agreeing on the problems we face at present. Brother G.?

G.: Otherworldly; usually demonic; activity is at an all-time high, most easily witnessed through the desolation where once stood Venice. Despite the setback in Georgia, we expect minions «of the enemy» to continue to gain influence. Secondly, earthly forces work against the kurikon – either in a far-flung conspiracy or by some unhappy coincidence. The S civil war rages while the once-loyal population further from the «struck out, replaced by flock». The Sh and I look upon us with apathy, if not disdain. «struck out, replaced by katolikos» in South America continue to war against each other despite our best efforts to establish peace. The «katolikos» in Africa and Asia are lukewarm to «our» envoys. Even great «struck out, repeatedly» asks for our assistance in a tone almost demanding. The L and H evangelize in our midst, converting once-faithful followers of our «struck out». For most of us the «flock» becomes less relevant with each passing year. In short, learned fathers, we are facing a tremendous crisis of faith.

C.: If I may remark, first father, we are not entirely blameless for the lack of support in North America. Our recent acts «struck out» did not endear us to the populace – they clearly revere and adore their Empress.

F.: The act was most necessary! Our reports clearly showed the rebellion was fomented by agents of Beelzebub. Aided perhaps by renegade L, who…

C.: But based on our current intelligence, «she» is not a pawn of the Lord of Flies. For good or ill, we bear some responsibility for recent events.

Father: Brothers, let us have peace. We have already turned out hand away from V and expressed our regret. She supports our ban of anathema on those who follow that entity known as K. We can rebuild – we must be patient. But do we all agree on the magnitude of the problems facing us?

All: Nod in agreement.

Father: Ideally, we can follow a strategy that will address both problems at once. Solving one without the other would continue to leave us in an untenable position. Most here are acquainted with the rudiments of the «struck out». For those that are not, I now ask G to recount the most recent history.

G.: Thank you, blessed one. Ahem… My brethren started by addressing the demonological problem, as that falls within our specialized research. Tremendous power is being exercised. Most visible examples of this are the current age of Ice and the rain of meteors falling upon us. How can we fight this virulent force? Naturally, daily mass, prayers, requesting the Mother and the «blessed ones» to intercede, and so on are called for, yet these efforts have not proven sufficent.

F.: Explain yourself, brother! Why could the meteors not be the Hand of God? The first blow struck the servants of the Ice, and the second hit the capitol city of heresy – the modern-day Whore of Babylon – Venice itself.

G.: Yes, errr.. our sources imply that the «Daemon Sultan» was the power behind the meteors – the blow to the Creatures of Ice was an attempt to settle an… intra-demonic feud. And Venice was destroyed due to the not negligible force the late Empress brought to bear against «his awfulness». In any event, we needed to find a source of Power that could be leveraged, both to banish the demons and to heal mankind and the Earth. We dare not use the various flutes, amulets, rings, etc. of magic as they could be tools of the Enemy. Regardless of their efficacy, many tend to corrupt their user. Therefore we examined « sentence replaced by: certain relics». The Spear of Longinus we knew about – its owners’ wielded it with skill, but it has been taken to a place out of our reach. The Bones of «the first father» are long vanished, with little hope of return.

H.: And the Cross? What of the Cross? It is said we possess a fragment.

G.: Unfortunately, the fragment we hold is not proven authentic. As to the Cross itself…

Father: The Cross is what it is, and will be what it will be. We cannot risk revealing it, for the consequences of its destruction – its “removal” if you will – do not bear thinking of. Forget the Cross for the present. It serves us already.

G.: Yes…No other Relics are imbued with the Power we need. However… Brother T. has found something… he has tied together missing, loose and frayed threads into what has become our current hope. In 496 AD, Clovis, King of the Franks, descending from the Merovingian line, was baptized into the Faith and recognized as King by all the Church. Later, when Charlemagne, of the Carolingian line, was made Emperor, he submitted to Pope Leo III. Why then, did Gelasius I, a proud Pope defending the primacy of Peter, not request that Clovis subordinate himself? Later, when Anastasius II, who had earlier sent his congratulations to Clovis, died, all acclaimed his death as the result of divine decree. What you do not know is Anastasius was in the process of drafting a letter calling for Clovis to submit his kingship to the Papacy. That is a single thread of this tapestry. Another can be found in some of the Aprocryphal Gospels and variants of the Gospel of John…

H.: You speak heresy!

Father: Be still for yet a while.

G.: Yes, the Apocropha is deemed heretical. Yet there is sufficient documentation therein to support the belief that Our Lord wed the Magdalene and furthermore they enjoyed a fruitful union. Legend routinely speaks of the Magdalene journeying to certain areas of southern France accompanied by Joseph of Arimathea. Frankish legend holds Merovingian ancestry can be traced, and literally means “across the sea”. The royal symbol of Clovis was the bee, which was also a symbol of King David. Is it beyond belief, that as Jesus passed his spiritual authority on St. Peter, that he passed his Davidic kingly inheritance on through his children? The third and final thread can be assembled through reviewing rumors of mysterious miracles occurring through the ages. We have grounds to believe Christ’s ability to perform miracles, particularly in healing, has surfaced in another branch of his earthly bloodline. Completing a Trinity, if you will.

Father: Thank you brother. Remember, our Savior was as fully human as he was fully divine. So, this is our Hope, to find and bring forth the «struck out» Living Blood of Christ. Not for our glory, but for the Glory of God and of the «flock» upon Earth. We need this Power to banish «the enemy» and his minions, and to heal the suffering world. So, let us examine the possibilities: First, the «holy blood» does not exist, despite our best research. In this case, our search must be most secret, to avoid the «flock» becoming the laughing stock of nations. Second, it does exist. If so, we may stand at the End of Time, and the revelation of the Lord will serve as the entry unto the Second Coming. If so, let it be, and we will fight on the side of the angels. «We» pray it may be found and will assist the «flock» in our mission. We cannot be corrupted, for goodness and Love cannot create evil. His presence will re-invigorate the faithful, much as St. Thomas was assured when he saw the Resurrection in the Flesh. So, brothers, here is «struck out»: Locate the Living Grail itself. Do we have your support?

H.: If the «holy blood» is found, will not our laity desire the «flock» to follow it and not ourselves?

Father: We would be one in purpose. We are all guided by the Holy Spirit, the «holy blood» included. Remember too Christ left «struck out, replaced with true» authority to «us» through «struck out». That has not changed. Is there further disagreement? Very well, we proceed with «struck out», and will keep it a most secret project. However, the «flock» must be prepared if we are successful. As you know «remainder lost…»

1749 – 1750 T210
Republic of Spain: In the north, in Aquitaine, there was a great deal of furor regarding the discovery of certain documents in an ruined French monastery, abandoned since the eleventh century. The parchments – handwritten by the Abbe St. Denis – comprised the man’s personal diary, relating the visitation of an angel who revealed the series of catastrophic defeats inflicted upon Christenden by the pagan Northmen (including the destruction of the Holy Roman Empire and the capture of Rome) were due to the Danish kings bearing the blood of Clovis and by that right, the dominion over all men, high and low. Papal agents investigating the ruins and the purported diary declared them to be “Danish fakes,” though the common people still believed…

1751-1752 T211
The village of Stenay, in Lorraine: He heard the noise again, breaking the nocturnal silence of the church. The watchman paused in the shadow of the side-door, wondering if he dared walk along the nave towards the sound of metal scraping on stone. He warily shuttered his lantern and reached with one hand towards the comforting weight of the old pistol in his pocket.

Only dim moonlight filtered through the high narrow windows. Once he had heard they had been artfully fashioned with pieces of stained glass to form pictures of the saints of the Catholics. But these, like the other decadent decorations had been striped away when the cleansing flame of the Hussite Church had broken the hold of the Papacy from the lands of Lorraine. Somehow the old building had survived the centuries, though here and there its walls bore the pockmarks of bullets dating to the unlamented fall of the Divine Kingdom of Israel over thirty years ago.

It was cold, and his own breath steamed from his nostrils. He started at the sound of voices from behind the altar. Briefly he wondered if he should hurry away to the doorway, and summon aid against whoever might violate a House of God in the night. Instead, curiosity overcame him, and he quietly edged towards the cover of a pillar, peering around its circumference.

Two figures were laboring at a nondescript piece of the floor, one apparently standing on a stairway leading down to an unsuspected crypt. He reverently lifted something up to his fellow, who was garbed in a dark cloak, the hood raised to hide his features.

"De sancta Dagoberto martye prose," whispered the one below, his words echoing strangely, as the pale moonlight glimmered on the whiteness of the thing he held. The watchman caught his breath, recognizing it for a skull set within a tarnished reliquary. He listened to their words, growing increasingly bemused. Who were they? Tomb robbers? Thieves? Cultists of the most diabolical sort?

"The fragments of the Katharai from the shrine of the Black Virgin at Montserrat did not lie, then, ja?" replied the hooded figure, reverently taking the receptacle holding the skull and carefully placing it into a small wooden case. "She has favored us: Saint Dagobert is regained unto the fold."

"It is said the saint preserved these lands from Viking raids," the other said, climbing out of the pit.

"Danes, who sacked and pillaged Rome herself, then built a temple to their one-eyed abomination on the ruins of the Kurikon." The muffled voice sounded old and tired.

"The same, mon ami." The younger man knelt to work the stone back over the entrance of the vault with a crowbar. It slid back into its place with a sudden reverberating thud. "Godless men."

"And now they would have all mankind submit to their false genealogy, yielding to their God-Emperor and Oupire, as once the Egyptians bowed down before Pharaoh..." The hooded man locked the box and slipped the ornate silver key into his robes. "Quicquid delirant reges, plectuntur Achivi," he continued, sadly shaking his head as his fellow chuckled softly. "We know their plans do we not? And like Simon Magus, now he has his Helen, out of the Danish Tyre. But the true graal itself, which is not the Sang Raal of the shaven ones, is hidden from them."

"Some few of the Prieur' de Sion in Europe have been seduced by the blandishments and lies of the heretics. But my Nautonnier will be pleased by our success this night."

"And the Fraternitas Sancti Leonis shall rejoice."

The watchman hissed, realizing that he did not merely witness desecration, but surely the work of Catholics. He turned to run for the entrance and abruptly stopped, the cold metal barrel of a gun pressing into the soft tissue of his cheek just below his eye. Only the three golden rose buttons on the black cuff drew his attention away from the muzzle. Without moving he tried to look towards the man holding the weapon, but could see nothing within the cowl.

"Slowly, friend, no sudden movements, if you please," declared his captor as he efficiently disarmed him of the pistol from his pocket. "Now, down on the floor, face down."

He quickly complied, gently setting the lantern on the ground, wondering if the last thing he would hear would be the retort of the gun. The three men were speaking together in a language he thought might be Spanish or Italian.

"Stay there, old man," the one standing above him said at last, nudging him with the toe of his boot. "If you wish to live."

The shivering watchman nodded, the icy chill of the stone piercing through his forehead. The footsteps receded and he heard the heavy wooden door open and close. He waited a very long time before raising the alarm.

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