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Foundation: 1697-1705 (T184-T188)Dead.gif
Capital: Tamaralipti
Religion: Islam

By Rob Pierce


The Principate of Bengal arose briefly around 1700 in the wake of the Yasarid invasion of eastern India. The Mughal Empire, in its efforts to secure another ally to combat the invaders, surrendered control of its eastern reaches to Khemer (1689, T181). The ineptitude of new Khemer leadership, however, meant that the newly acquired regions quickly began abandoning their new masters and within a few years the entire Bengal region had reverted to independence.

The History:

By 1697 (T184), Abul Fadl, the lord of Tamaralipti, took the opportunity to fill the power vaccum left behind by the Mughals and Khemer, gathering the Bengali regions together. The principate grew quickly until the Yasarids (scourge as they were to the Mughals) attacked and destroyed Tamaralipti (1703, T187), killing the prince. Although the Bengali leadership fled to Gaur and attempted to re-establish a capital, they soon relized they didn't have the funds to keep the government running. Aras Al'dyin closed up shop, took what few troops he could retain personally and hired himself and his retainers out as mercenaries (1705, T188).

The Princes

  • Aras Al'dyin 1704-1705
  • Abul Fadl 1697-1704

The Players

  • T186-T188 (1701-1705) Scott Witt
  • T184-T185 (1697-1700) (unknown)

Last updated: 18 March 2000 (T199 - 1728)

© 2000 Robert Pierce

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