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In the example above, three IMN cruisers are connected by battlecast but only two have point-defense interlock to permit the ships to co-ordinate their defensive weapons.

Commcast exchanged between warships (usually members of the same squadron or battle group) providing:

Battlecast data is broadcast via t-relays meaning that ships communicate in realtime and do not have to maintain point-to-point radio or laser lock to exchange data. It does require each ship to maintain t-lock and to encrypt data to prevent enemy transmissions from corrupting the data or to block transmissions by flooding the t-relay, jamming the ability to receive data in realtime. This is countered by increasing the cycles used to encode and decode t-relay battle-cast packets. If the battle-cast is being used to maintain point-defense interlock between multiple ships then massive quantities of data need to be exchanged; enemy jamming can seriously degrade the quality of the interlock data.

Within the coverage of their own point-defense each ship can defend threats targeting ownship and predicted to target the ships linked by battlecast.

Ships can cooperate offensive actions against hostile targets by coordinating weapons fire to overload the enemy point-defense by engaging from different vectors or counteract a target manoeuvre.

As each of the ships is in t-relay contact via battlecast they will avoid inadvertently using offensive or defensive weapons that might intersect the position of friendly ships or degrade their sensors. This can be mitigated by sending missiles on trajectories to avoid friendly ships or by requesting the other ship to engage the target. Each ship is aware of weapons launched by other ships and will not treat them as threats unless they enter their close-in point-defense cover.

Friendly ships create a sensor cone shadow (expanding with proximity) where other ships cannot see with active or passive sensors. This is resolved either by sharing sensor data or by using outrider drones.

The battlecast permits the ships exchanging data to potentially extend their effective sensor range. Light ships can be used as a picket to provide early warning to capital ships. Dedicated emissions collection and long range sensor ships can provide enhanced data.

Battlecast allows ships to use the data from other ships to see around the corner into the sensor shadow of planets and moons.

The battlecast permits each ship to display the position of distant threats nearer to realtime in their threat-well. The t-relayed data from other ships and outriders outraces ownship active or passive sensor data, which is delayed by the speed of light and subject to greater interpolation


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