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The following is a list of some of the major historical events that shaped the world of the Sixth Sun:

  • The death of Charlemagne in 778 during his campaign against the Saxon pagans. This prevented the expansion of Christianity into Denmark and points north and east.
  • The pagan Danish conquest of Germany in 1000-1050 and the repeated defeat of Catholic armies in Germany, France and Italy.
  • The conquest of China in 1075 by the proto-Mongol Empire of the Jerekhan. The failure of the Sung state to hold China against these nomads precipitated...
    • The flight of the Japanese shogunate in the face of the Jerekhan invasion in 1200 along the Aleutians (following the return route of fishermen who had been blown off course to Baja California) to the Puget Sound area.
    • The trade agreements between the Japanese refugees and the Mesoamerikan states that resulted in horses, iron-working, rice cultivation technology going southwards to the Valley of Mexico and gold, slaves, corn and other materials going north to the Japanese.
    • The expansion of Buddhist theology into Pacifica following the jade routes to New Zealand and Australia. The introduction of Buddhist and Shinto thought to the local religions enabled the rising Orolist church to find a firm theological foundation and, as expressed by the Maori Empire, a very vigorous secular manifestation.
    • The failure of the Mongol Empire to conquer south-east Asia, India and Central Asia during the Great Mongol War.
  • The banishment of the House of Gustaffson from Sweden in 1020 and its eventual and triumphant return in 1208 from exile in North Africa to strike a heavy blow against Danish imperialism and to form a bulwark of Catholicism in northern Europe, ensuring that Russia would become Catholic.
  • The flight of the Roman Catholic Papacy to the Azores following the outbreak of the Hussite heresy and the resurgence of the Danish Empire in Europe.
  • The great war against the Maori Empire when it seemed the Maori would conquer the entire Pacific basin and China.
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