Aztec Empire of Mexico (Azteca)

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Foundation: 1451-date (T138-date)

  • Mitla in Zapotec 1767-date
  • Sion in Huave ????-1767


By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


One of the most influential shapers of Lords1 history, the Aztec Empire has had a long history of imperial political intrigue, and opposition to the Roman Catholic Papacy. It is also notorius for extending its influence far beyond its American shores in the form of invasions, vice-royalties, refugee states, and other political chaos to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Pope and Aztec Emperor have repeatedly struggled for control of the Catholic church ever since Azteca was converted to Catholicism in the 1400s. The two Catholic churches were loosely unified in ????, but that unity collapsed when the Pope supported New Granada's involvement in the War of the Aztec Succession (1649-1662) on behalf of the cowed Aztec Senate. The Emperor seized the assets of the Papacy in Azteca and reinstated the Aztec Catholic Church in 1659 (T166).

Trákonel intervened in the ongoing warfare between the Kingdom of Cuzco and the True Incan Empire in 1694 (T183). The Cuzcans eventually were conquered (1703, T188), thus restoring Aztec rule to the northern Incan territories.

For the future history of the Azteca in the Sixth Sun, see the Méxica Empire.

Warning! This is not the historical Aztec Empire. See [1] for information on the real Aztecs.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

Aztec Newsfax Entries

Aztec Legions

The following Legions have been named:

  • Ark of the Covenant+
  • Eagle
  • Earthquake+
  • Flower of Heaven
  • Imperial Legion of the Smoking Sun
  • Jaguar
  • Legion of the Red and Black God
  • Lightning
  • Pyramid
  • Singing Flame
  • Sword of Empire
  • Tsunami
  • Wendigo

+ Included fleet components.

The Emperors

  • Zincica the Lost Prince 1769-date
  • Mamexi the Foul 1759-1769
  • Trákonel "The Victorious" 1739-1759
  • Héshqu Tlakotani 1704-???? (T188-????)
  • Trákonel Tlakotani 1680-1704 (T176-T188)
  • Horukel Tlakotani 1668-1680 (T170-T176)
  • Avanthar Tlakotani 1663-1668 (T168-T170)
  • Kulhuz Tlakotani 1649-1663 (T161-T168)
  • Tapaxi 1637-1649 (T154-T161)
  • Xixipec Tlakotani 1602-1637 (T138-T154)


  • T138-date (1602-date) Menachem Turchik

Last updated: 10 March 2005

© 2003 Robert Pierce

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