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Astronomer CL.JPG

Class of Imperial Méxica Navy light cruiser.

The class of Astronomer ships is being decommissioned and retired from service, sold or parted out. (House of Reeds).


The Astronomer-class of IMN cruiser is defined to fulfil the missions of long-range force-projection and reconaissance, either in an independent role or supporting a battle group.

Each role utilizes its capability to:

  • Detect and counter enemy ships.
  • Avoid counter-attack using its manoeuvrability and stealth profile.

The Astronomer-class is deployed:

  • In a detached role:
    • Patrol to follow a regular route, performing:
      • Anti-piracy actions to defend Imperial mercantile ships and installations.
      • Military support to Imperial colonies and stations and other facilities including the resolution of disputes by force of arms.
      • Long-range reconaissance.
    • Interdiction to delay, disrupt, or destroy enemy forces or supplies en route to a battle area.
  • In a main fleet role:
    • To provide light reconnaissance and interdiction.
    • To harass enemy vessels whilst screening higher value assets from attack.

Ships of the class

Designation Name
CL-341 Cornuelle


Dorsal cutaway view of an Astronomer-class Imperial Méxica Navy light cruiser:
A: Outer hull.
B: Particle beam pit. Primary and secondary particle beam mounts are located along the hull.
C: Upship maneuvering thruster clusters.
D: Missile racks extend along ‘wing’.
E: Transit-core.
F: Command deck.
G: Port Boat Bay.
H: Secondary hull.
I: Between-hull.
J: Hab core.
K: Engineering deck.
L: Downship maneuvering thruster clusters.
M: Fusion Reactors.
N: Main drive antimatter engines.
O: Hyperdrive coil.
Designation: CL Light Cruiser
Displacement: 9,000 tons
Ship’s Complement: 300.
Three squads of Imperial Marines.
Machinery: Antimatter main drive output divided into six engine nacelles.
Primary and secondary reactors.
Main comp connected to other ship systems by triplicated datacores
G-decking only in place in the primary crew spaces, with nonskid deckplating present at gangways.
Endurance: Nine months on patrol
Ship’s craft: Three Varanus-class cargo/combat shuttles.
One Captain’s Launch.
A number of engineering work platforms for EVA work.
Sensors: Equipped with passive sensor and active sensor arrays.
Six Huehuetl-6B ECM Outrider drones.
Stealth: Stealth capability enhanced by hull profile, shipskin and interior heat sump.
Armament: Nine missile racks capable of launching:
Atlatl-IV anti-ship sprint missiles.
Hayai Roku missiles.
Primary and secondary particle beam mounts.</br>

Two of the primary beams are mounted on forward nacelles.

Point-defense equipped with railguns and gatling guns mounted within the shipskin.
Armor: Shipskin.


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