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Foundation: 1678-1699, 1711-1729 (T175-T186, T192-T200)
Capital: Fornost
Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce



The Crusader Kingdom of Outreamer, as Arthedain was originally known, had it origins, actually, in Europe as the Holy Kingdom of Macedon. In 1678 (T175), after a failed attempt to conquer the Duchy of Wallachia, the entire population of Macedon was evacuated to India where they could spread the Hussite faith, and avoid the wrath of Denmark and Lybia.

India, however, already had rivals for supremacy in the Grand Duchy of Aballach in the northwest and the Mughal Empire of India in the northeast. Although nominally friendly to the Aballach, relations with them deteriorated quicky into open warfare (1683, T178). So bad was the blood, the Aballach allied with their traditional rivals the Mughals against the Outreamer upstarts. But, by 1690 (T181) Outreamer forces succeeded in capturing the Mughal capital(?) of Bihar, and the following year (1691, T182) the Aballach Duke and heir were captured in battle. Aballach regions continued to fall to the Outreamer General Arathorn over the course of the next 4 years.

In 1697-98 (T185) utter disaster befell the realm from two different directions. In the north, General Arathorn had been lured into rebellion by Duke Lucas of the Aballach. Lucas paid for the treachery with his life when Arathorn attempted (and failed) to unite Aballach with the Outreamer lands that rebelled with him, thence known as the Realm of Arnor. In the south, the Persian rebel Yasarids overran the eastern Outreamer lands (including the capital) in 1698-99 (T185-186). King Geren and his family fled west to sanctuary with the Albanian East India Company.


In 1711 (T192), Geren's son and daughter returned to India to rally the Hussites of south India to their cause, and, more importantly, to re-establish the Thucides dynasty in India as the Kingdom of Arthedain. Inital attempts to capture Tharabad from the Judean crusaders were foiled by an Arnor army (1713, T193). The Arthedain counterattacked (1715, T194), defeated the Arnor and captured three regions. When the Arnor came to drive them back south the Arthedain pulverized the attackers and captured another pair of regions (1716, T195). In 1723 (T197) the Arthedain went on the offense and set seige to the Arnor capital of Schwarzkastel. Although the walls were breached (1725, T198) the attack failed and Anarion and his survivors retreated back to Tharbad. Shortly thereafter (1727, T199), the Yasarids invaded, captured much territory and put Tharbad under seige, where Anarion died. Although the Yasarids abandoned the siege to defend their own lands (1729, T200), queen Arwen had hit the road north in search of Peregrin. When they met, she requested that he take her two daughters into his protection and the kingdom as their dowry. Peregrin quickly accepted, married the elder daughter, and thus united the Hussite realms of the Twin Duchy's and Arthedain into one: the Realm of Arnor.

The History:

Still to be written.

The Kings

  • Arwen 1728-1729
  • Anarion and Arwen 1711-1728
  •  ???
  • Geren Thucides 1691-1699
  • Lothar Thucides 1678-1691

The Players

  • T192 (1711-date) (open)
  • T184-T191 (unknown)
  • T175-T183 (1678-1694) Colin Dunnigan

Last updated: 29 January 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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