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Arrow Knights are descended from the Méxica Otontin warrior societies – once higher in status that the Jaguar and Eagle Knights – and sometimes known as Otomitl, the ‘wandering arrows’. An Otontin was equipped with an atlatl, or spear thrower, and darts or javelins, tlacochtli, made of oak. The Otontin were not chosen for government office, as they were believed to be too unrestrained for such responsible positions.

As modern Imperial Méxica Army regiments, the Arrow Knights still strike from afar, but as orbital assault troops.

Arrow Knight Ranks

Méxica Term Meaning Rank Equivalent Army Rank
Mitltlatoani Arrow Speaker Major General Tlacoccalcatl
Mitlpilli Noble Arrow Colonel Tlacateccatl
Mitltlahtoh Commanding Arrow Major Cuauhtlahtoh
Mitlyahcatl Arrow Captain Captain Cuahyahcatl
Mitltachcauh Arrow Chief Lieutenant Yaotachcauh
Mitltlachixqui Arrow Sentinel Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer
Mitlheuhueh Arrow Elder Master Sergeant Cuauhhuehueh
Mitlttequihuah Arrow Veteran Sergeant Tequihuah
Mitltequihuah Arrow Leader Corporal Yaotequihuah
Tiachcuah Older Brother Senior Private Tiachcuah
Telpolcatl Youth Private Telpolcatl


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