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Foundation:1698-1704 (T185-T188)

Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce & Ben Lynch

Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Ahem. "I was a child and she was a child in moon girt Kanauj of malarial evenings, banished forever from grim Schwarzkastel Dane built by the shores of the Indian Ocean. Now I am old, last of my rivals, my own worst persecutor. The dread Yasarids, vanished like Outeremer, like Ming the mercurial; Father Ganges drank their blood like that of the Guptas. I alone remain. Here. In drab splendor.

Yes, I seem to recall it: Ambition, determination, cunning: Talents that let me bestride the subcontinent for a few tender years like a colossus stricken with rickets, for I built on shaky ground, shaky ground indeed: Fed on a diet of war, thick greasy war in red slabs thick as any juicy steak, yessir, the land had grown terrifically thin you could almost forgive the court confessor for supposing Revelation to be at hand."

Very well: Impoverished racist white state smoldering on the banks of the Ganges spending its days awash in opium, Hussite chants, and musketry practiced on unfortunate natives or Qing missionaries engaged in yellow deviltry, depending on the monsoons.

Yes, its all mine, from Sahis border to Jaunpur wall...

Arnori Literature

The History

The Realm of Arnor was founded in 1698 (T185) by a former general for the Crusader State of the Outreamer, Arathorn Arnorus. The state existed independently for only a few years before it united with the Grand Duchy of Aballach.

Arathorn, the premier military leader for the Outreamer, had spent many of his years of service conquering Aballachi territory for the crusader kingdom. He was seduced by, and unknown to his superiors, quietly married Magda Hapsburgh, none other than the sister of Lucas, duke of the Aballach (1695, T184). In 1697 (T185) he secretly met with Duke Lucas, murdered him, drugged Magda and attempted to sieze control of the Aballachi capital of Schwartzcastle. The vigilance (and good luck) of Aballachi generals Luther and Karl Gustav rescued Magda and drove Arathorn from the city. Arathorn retreated to New Delhi where he established his own realm to stand against both Aballach and the Outreamer. Meanwhile, loss of Arathorn contributed to the collapse of the Outreamer kingdom (T186), and the Yasarids eventually replaced the Mughals as the Muslim power in the east (T187).

Twin Duchies of Aballach and Arnor : Although the remaining two Hussite realms continued to feud, the arrival of Judean crusaders in 1704 (T188) from both the north and the south helped Aragorn of Arnor, son of Arathorn, to convince Duke Karl to unite the two Hussite realms in a defense against the Catholic invaders. The Judean armies in the north were destroyed in 1708 (T190), and the seige of Tharbad in Nasik in the south was abandoned with the establishment of the Kingdom of Arthedain (1711, T192) by the heirs to the Outreamer dynasty.

Despite initial successes (1713, T193), the Arnor were defeated in subsequent battles (1715, T194 and 1717, T195) and lost 5 regions to the Arthedain before an uneasy peace settled over the two states (1721, T196). The peace lasted a mere two years before the Arthedain took to the offense in 1723 (T197). They drove all they way to the walls of Schwarzkastel, and eventually breached them (1725, T198), but the attack proved a bloody failure and the Arthedain were driven out in ruin.

At this point the Yasarids decided to intervene and "end the squabbling", marched in force against the Arthedain capital and put it under seige (1727, T199). Peregrin and his Arnor troops sallied forth from Schwarzkastel (1729, T200) hoping to recover some territory only to chance upon the Arthedain queen, who in her last dying breaths requested that Peregrin take protection of her two daughters, with the kingdom as dowry. He immediately accepted and united the Hussite territories under one banner.

The Realm of Arnor (again) : Having united the northern and southern Hussite realms, it's ironic that Peregrin would eventually agree to surrender his wife's dowry (the southern regions) in the name of peace with the Yasarids (1741, T206). The southern Hussite dukes refused to agree to those terms and after Peregrin abandoned them they joined together as the Southern League in defense against the Yasarid threat.


Arnori Newsfax Entries

The Rulers

  • Peregrin Arnorus 1725-date
  • Aragorn Arnorus 1709-1725
  • Karl Gustav/Aragorn Arnorus 1704-1709
  • Aragorn Arnorus 1701-1704
  • Arathorn Arnorus 1698-1701

The Players

  • T208-date (1745-date) Ben Lynch
  • T205-T207 (1739-1744) Jeff Morrison
  • T185-T191 (1698-1709) Neil Stokes
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