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T179, Sultanate of Syria
The monk Jendu and his party of eight fellows toured the Dome of the Rock and the other holy sanctuaries in Jerusalem - though in close disguise, for Buddists were not welcome in the newly rebuilt city. Jendu prayed at the tomb of the Sepulchre for four days, seeking forgiveness for the sins that Buddist troops had committed on such soil. Some interaction was also had with the english Baron Heston, who was causing trouble amongst the city populace with his diatribes and long-winded oratory. A long camel trek was then undertaken down the fringe of the dry Jordan and into Sinai. There, the party visited the monastary of St.Gregory and viewed the mosaics of Moses and the Exodus. "Say," muttered Jendu to himself, "this fellow looks a lot like that street preacher back in El'Khudz..."

T179, Free Republic of Ethiopia
A group of ten travellers with a very large cargo of crates, boxes, rugs and wine-jugs, debarked from a House of Tewfik galleon in Adulis and took in the sights. A great quantity of the local wine was consumed, particularly by the priest Jendu, who was shepherding a large heavy box - "that Heston guy was so rude! Talk about a Moses complex. He wanted me to buy this Ark thing to keep it out of the hands of Alamut. I finally had to buy the damnable thing to get him off of the boat. I should have written a complaint to the Syrian authorities about him... Hey, Mazoltoff, you and Ash put that stupid book away, you keep stirring up the weather with it and I'll hafta smack youse guys."

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