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A map of historical Anglish colonies and influence.
  • The English Language: The Anglish language of the Sixth Sun is very different from English. The Kingdom of Wessex maintained its dominance over the British Isles through to the defeat of the Godwins by the Stuarts and their Aztec allies in the early 17th century. There was no Norman French conquest in the 11th century, but there are significant Náhuatl and Gaelic loan words, together with some Norman and Danish influence. Norman itself is not Norman French, but the tongue of the northmen – a mixture of Anglish, Swedish and Russian. (The Kingdom of Angland did control Normandy for a time in the 15th century, and refugees from France did flee to the British Isles at various times, but the influence on the language was slight).
  • The Anglish people: The Anglish are a subject nation of the Méxica Empire, with Angland known as Lower Skawtland. The Angles were one of the Germanic peoples who took possession of the south east of the Roman province of Brittania from the 5th century AD. Their name for themselves was the Ængelcynn, the Angle-kin and their land Ænglaland, the land of the Angles. Early on, the term Angelcynn came to refer to all the Germanic peoples in Anglaland even though the Saxons were more numerous than the Angles and Jutes.


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