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Later flag
Earlier flag
Kashmir House
Foundation: 1679-date (T176-date)
Home Office:

  • Thessaloniki in Macedon (from ????)
  • Athens (to ????)

Predominant Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce & Martin Helsdon


Traditional rivals of the House of Falcòn and Norsktrad.

In 1706 (T187) "fighting broke out in (the Yasarid capital of) Amon Sûl between the lackeys of the Albanian East India Co. and the House of Tewfik over control of the docks, the warehouses and the slave trade. After a series of pitched street battles between the two factions the civil government clamped down and threw most of the staff of each factor into gaol to think about it for awhile."

The History:

Albania East India Company & Kashmir House
The AEIC and its subsidiary, Kashmir House have been working to bring peace, prosperity , great coffee, abit of fun and relaxation to the world. As part of this goal we have developed Albania Airlines and Albanian Cruiselines which feature, fine wines and dining experiences along with, Five Star hotel accommodations,casino games, grand elegant and safe travel with those extra special touches that make High Society so much fun. Come travel the globe with the AEIC. It's a Beautiful Day!

Albanian air.JPG
Albanian Air: Providing Trans-Global Service to your favorite Tourist destination) Hub cities: Takari, St. Brendan,Brest, Paris, Ulm, Thessalonika,Gozer Mahala, Somnath, Kaunaj, Palankwai, Fukusawa, Savu.

Albanian Cruiselines: Takari, Tjuana, Honolulu, Savu, Fukusawa, Palankwai, Bruj, Mahala, Naxos, St. Bredan, Brest: Providing Trans-Global Service via comfortable steam and/or clipper ship to your favorite tourist destination.

The AEIC also offers its clients the best in products from Europe to India and beyond, furthermore we can manufacture fine export items. These range from our grand heavy zeppelins, clipper ships, steam transports, to fancy steam cars, tractors, and beautiful deluxe railcars. For your security needs we can provide the services of the Hussite Legion with offices in Constantinople and Bhuj, in India on Kutch Island. When you need security think: Hussite Legion.

Hussite Legion: The Hussite Legion is a mercenary company in this game. The Legion is hard bitten, and rough and tumble group of fighters who don't back down, they will fight when and where you need. Of course there are some stipulations, please contact your local AEIC/Kashmir House representative for details and price information. Thessalonika/Macedon or Bruj/Kutch Island/India.

Services available: We of the AEIC, buy and sell agro commodities on a global scale. This is a game. We are good at the business of buying and selling goods and services. We also can manufacture large scale items to your exactly details, ie. we are assisting the Frankish Commonwealth in construction a large tower structure in downtown Paris, our main engineer is a man named Eiffle.

AEIC Subsidiaries

NewsFax Entries:

Albanian East India Company Newsfax Entries

Military Assets

The Senior Directors

  • Valentin Argir 1763-date


  • Nikolas Argir 1721-1763
  • Varos Argir 1717-1721
  • Karos Kuklone 1707-1716
  • Davich Kuklone 1679-1707

The Players

  • T195-date (1717-date) James Cochran
  • T194 (1715-1716) (open)
  • T176-T193 (1679-1714) David Kukla



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