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Foundation: 1759-date
Capital: Jerusalem in Levant
Religion: Orange Catholic

By Martin Helsdon


A nation based on the Al'Haggar Tuareg hordes - the Adwaghost, Arguin and Wadan - which attempted unsuccessfully to become the Orangist religious order. Al'Haggar was an offshoot of the Christian Sharifate of Mauritania which itself was a successor state to the Christian Emirate of Lybia.

The History:

Danish Dynasties.JPG
Ameur claims descent from the dynasties of Denmark and Lybia.

NewsFax Entries

Al'Haggar Newsfax Entries

The Paraclete of the Faithful

  • Leto 1769-date
  • Ameur bin Skikda 1753-1769

The Players

  • Scott Cunningham
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