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An Admiralty Tribunal consists of a board of senior officers (of Thai-so or Chu-sho rank) constituted under Fleet law to adjudicate in any case involving serious disciplinary offences up to and including the loss of ships of the Imperial Méxica Navy. If an infringement of naval regulations is identified the tribunal can either mete out punishment or require the convening of courts-martial to try military crimes.

The decreed punishment can be:

  • To satisfy the Emperor's Honor by obligatory seppuku, the traditional fate for disgraced samurai. The officer is told of their offense and given a set time to commit seppuku, usually before sunset on a given day.
  • Dishonorable retirement. It is not unknown for a disgraced officer to satisfy their own honor with voluntary seppuku.
  • To await the pleasure of the Emperor, and be placed on to the List until such a time as their clan or other patrons can influence their reinstatement. This is often little more than retirement from service.
  • To be reprimanded with a black mark struck in their duty jacket.
  • To be demoted one or more ranks.
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