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Foundation: 1657-1704 (T165-T188)
Capital: Multan
Religion: Hussite Christian

By Rob Pierce


Duke Bruz oversaw the assumption of control of the northern lands of the Sikh Empire of Delhi (1659-1660, T166) after the internal collapse of that realm (the Mughal Empire took control of the south).

In 1669 (T171), Bruz attacked the Mughals after "repeated treaty violations". Despite the loss of three capitals and the vast majority of their lands, the Mughals would not give up their cause - even resorting to piracy to finance it. To complicate the political picture, the Holy Kingdom of Macedon was resettled, lock, stock, and barrel (1678, T175) to south India and re-established as the Crusader Kingdom of Outreamer. Although nominally friendly to the Outreamer, relations with them deteriorated quicky into open warfare (1683, T178). So bad was the blood, the Aballach allied with the Mughals against the Outreamer upstarts. But, by 1690 (T181) Outreamer forces succeeded in capturing the Mughal capital(?) of Bihar, and the following year (1691, T182) Duke Gunter and his heir were captured in battle. Aballach regions continued to fall to the Outreamer General Arathorn Arnorus over the course of the next 4 years.

Still, the Hapsburghs tried to gain control of the chaos. Magda, sister to the new Duke Lucas, secretly married Arathorn in 1695 (T184) in an attempt to lure him into the service of the the duchy. In a clandestine meeting in 1697 (T185) the treacherous general murdered Duke Lucas, drugged Magda and attempted to seize control of Schwartzcastle and the duchy. When the attempt failed, he established the Realm of Arnor to the east instead. The loss of Arathorn contributed to the collapse of the Outreamer kingdom (T186), and the Yasarids eventually replaced the Mughals as the Muslim power in the east (T187).

Although the remaining two Hussite realms continued to feud, the arrival of Judean crusaders in 1704 (T188) from both the north and the south helped Aragorn of Arnor, son of Arathorn, to convince Duke Karl to unite the two Hussite realms in a defense against the Catholic invaders. The combined realm, lead jointly by Duke Carl and Aragorn, would henceforth be known as the Twin Duchies of Aballach and Arnor. With the passing of the Duke in 1709 (T191) Aragorn regained complete control of the realm.

The History:

Still to be written.

The Grand Dukes

  • Karl Gustav/Arathorn Arnorus 1704-1709
  • Karl Gustav 1701-1704
  • Magda Hapsburgh 1697-1701
  • Lucas Hapsburgh 1695-1697
  • Elionwy Hapsburgh 1692-1695
  • Gunter Hapsburgh 1682-1692
  • Bruz Hapsburgh 1657-1682

The Players

  • T189-T191 (1705-1709) Neil Stokes
  • T165-T188 (1657-1704) Jim Frediani

Last updated: 229 January 2002 (T187 - 1702)

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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