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(-/-): An empty region.

These are known as Colonizable Regions (or CR’s). A CR is a region that is just waiting for some prosperous people to come along and settle there, hewing farms, ranches and towns out of the wilderness. The vast majority of these regions are Wilderness areas. The rules governing the settlement of these areas are found in Colonizing Unsettled Regions.

Until a CR is colonized and has no GPv, it counts as a Hostile Land Region for movement and action purposes.

To control an empty Region or City (one without GPv or RV) still requires 1 troop unit.

  • If a (-/-) location has no garrison then it ceases to be controlled.
  • If a city or fortress is located in an uncontrolled (-/-) region it may be outside the command control radius and if so is likely to degrade or revolt.
  • An unwalled city in such a wasteland, even if within the CCR, is doomed as its citizens are preyed upon by wild beasts and isolated bands of savages.
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