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Micea is an RPG based on the Steve Jackson Game's GURPS system and the Chaosium Game's Pendragon system. It uses the skill, advantages and disadvantages lists from GURPS and the combat, skill and personality systems from Pendragon. The fusion system has proven to be very popular and effective at depicting combat, personal interactions and the 'reality' of Micean life.

The world of Micea (Mirgul to the inhabitants) is a middle Renaissance technology world inhabited by myriad sentient races that are rough analogs of various earthly species; mice, rats, lizards, otters and so on. Various English books like The Adventures of Mrs. Bianca, Watership Down, the Littles and so on are part of the inspiration. However, the world of Micea is a cruel and terrible place, filled with wonders and horrors in equal measure. Life is short and brutal and, save for the lucky few, pretty grim.

Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones. There are some notes, however, about the general setting:

  • There is very little magic in the hands of the player characters. Probably 90% of the magic in the game is under GM control.
  • Battle magic is very unstable and more than one battle has come to an abrupt conclusion when a mage blew his own head off with a failed spell.
  • The base monetary system revolves around electrum (gold-silver admixture) coinage (guilders to the Micean city-states, yen to the Voleim) and copper pennies.
  • Iron is very scarce, with only a few known sources. The vast majority of worked metal is bronze.

150 Base Character points, +5 Character points per year of age of the character over 20.


In all following calculations, round numbers up to the next integer.

  1. Purchase Characteristics

There are seven; STR (Strength), CON (Constitution), DEX (Dexterity), INT (Intelligence), WILL (Willpower), SIZ (Size) and POW (Power or Mana).

The minimum starting characteristic rating is 3. The maximum starting characteristic rating is 18. Note that Racial modifiers may boost a characteristic over the starting limit, but cannot reduce it under the minimum.

Table 2-1. Characteristic Costs (By Age Range)

 Characteristic  up to 20  21-30  31-38  39+
 Strength  1  1½  2  2½
 Constitution  1  1½  2  3
 Dexterity  1 2 3 4
 Intelligence  1½  2 2 3
 Willpower  1½  2  2  3
 Power  1½  2  2  2
 Size  1  1  1  1
 Hit Points  1  2  3  4

Example: Nursun the Wily, a young Mici, is 20 years old. His player decides to give him baseline attributes of 10 in STR, CON and DEX, an 11 for INT and WILL, a SIZ of 8 and a POW of 9. His base character point cost is = 10 + 10 + 10 + 16.5 + 16.5 + 8 + 13.5 to equal 85 points. This leaves him 65 character points for other things, like skills and money.

  1. Secondary Characteristics

There are a number of secondary characteristics that are derived from combinations of the primary stats.These are listed as follows: Damage, Speed, Healing Rate, Unconciousness, Base Hit Points and Base Mana.

  • Damage is the number of d6 that you roll when you hit someone with a normal weapon in combat.
  • Speed is how quickly you move and fight in combat situations.
  • Healing Rate is the number of Hit Points you recover in a week of uniterrupted rest.
  • Unconciousness is the number of Hit Points you can take in a single blow without having to make a Constitution Check to avoid loosing conciousness.
  • Base Hit Points are the number of Hit Points you have derived from your base stats.
  • Base Mana is the number of Mana points that your character regenerates in a night (8 hours) of uniterrupted rest.

Table 2-2. Derived Characteristics Table

Characteristi   Formula    

Damage        (SIZ+STR) /  

Speed         (STR+DEX) /  

Healing Rate   (CON+WILL)  
                  / 10     

Base Hit       SIZ + CON   

Unconciousnes    HP / 4    

Mana              POW      


Example: Nursun the Wily figures out his derived characteristics: His Damage is equal to (10 + 8) / 6 = 3 six-sided dice. His Speed is equal to (10+10) / 10 = 2. His healing rate is equal to (10 + 11) / 10 = 2.1, which rounds up to 3 Hit Points per week of rest. Nursun has (10 + 10) = 20 Hit Points as his base. His Unconciousness rating is (20 / 4 = 5) hit points from a single blow before he passes out. Obviously he should stay out of fights. He regenerates 9 Mana per day.

  1. Advantages & Disadvantages

A single Advantage (or special capability) can be taken if one or more corresponding Disadvantages of equal total value (as per the ratings listed below) is taken.

A given character can only have one Advantage.

The Advantage of Sorcery (which must be taken if you want access to any of the Sorcerous Skills) has the required Disadvantage of Viewed With Extreme Suspicion and Distaste By Everyone Else.

Table 2-3. Advantages List

Advantage        Character Point Cost
Absolute Timing  5                   
Absolute         5                       
Acute Hearing    2 per +1 in rating      
Acute Taste and  2 per +1 in rating      
Acute Vision     2 per +1 in rating      
Alertness        5 per +1 in rating      
Ambidexterity    10                      
Animal           5                       
Appearance -     5                       
Appearance -     15                      
Appearance -     25                      
Blessed          10 (Minor), 20 (Major)  
Charisma         5 per +1 in rating      
Clerical         10                      
Combat Reflexes  10                      
Common Sense     10                      
Contacts         5 (Minor), 10           
                 (Medium), 15 (Major)    
Danger Sense     15                      
Double Jointed   5                       
Eidetic Memory   30 (Minor), 70 (Major)  
Empathy          15                      
High Pain        10                      
Immunity to      10                      
Intuition        15                      
Language Talen   10                      
Law Enforcement  10                      
Longevity        40                      
Luck             15 (minor), 30 (major)  
Sorcery          15                      
Magical          2 per +1 to POW (Def)   
Mathematical     10                      
Military Rank    5 per level             
Musical Ability  1 per +1 rating         
Night Vision     10                      
Patron           At least 10 points      
Peripheral       15                      
Psionics :       10 per level            
Psionics :       5 per level             
Psionics :       5 per level             
Rapid Healing    10                      
Reputation       5 per +1 rating (max    
Status           5 per +1 rating (max    
Strong Will      4 per +1 rating         
Toughness        10 (Armor 2) or 25      
                 (armor 4)               
Undying          175                     
Unsual           10                      
Voice            10                     


Table 2-4. Disadvantages List

Disadvantage         Cost                 
Addiction            Varies (at least     
Albinism             -10                  
Alcoholism           -15 or -20           
Appearance:          -5                   
Appearance: Ugly     -10                  
Appearance: Hideous  -20                  
Bad Sight            -10 or -25           
Bad Temper           -10                  
Berserker            -15                  
Blindness            -50                  
Bully                -10                  
Color Blindness      -10                  
Cowardice            -10                  
Deafness             -20                  
Delusions            -1, -5 or -15        
Dependents           Varies (-5 to -30)   
Dwarfism             -15                  
Duty                 -5, -10 or -15       
Dyslexia             -5 or -15            
Enemy                Varies (-5 to -30)   
Epilepsy             -30                  
Eunuch               -5                   
Fanatacism           -15                  
Fat                  -10 or -20           
Gigantism            -10                  
Gluttony             -5                   
Greed                -15                  
Hard of Hearing      -10                  
Hemophelia           -30                  
Honesty              -10                  
Illiteracy           -10                  
Impulsiveness        -10                  
Intolerance          -1, -5 or -10        
Jealousy             -10                  
Kleptomania          -15                  
Lame: Crippled Leg   -15                  
Lame: One Leg        -25                  
Lame: Legless        -35                  
Laziness             -10                  
Lecherousness        -15                  
Megalomania          -10                  
Miserliness          -10                  
Mute                 -25                  
No Smell / Taste     -5                   
Odious Personal      -5 to -25            
One Arm              -20                  
One Eye              -15                  
One Hand             -15                  
Overconfidence       -10                  
Pacifism: Cannot     -15                  
Pacifism:            -15                  
Self-defence only                         
Pacifism: total non  -30                  
Paranoia             -10                  
Phobias              Varies               
Pyromania            -5                   
Quirks               -1 per quirk (up to  
                     five of them)        
Bad Reputation       -5 per -1 (up to -4  

Example: Nursun the Wily decides to take the Lucky advantage, which is worth 10 character points. As a result, he has to take a 10 point disadvantage to offset it. He decides to take the Missing Eye disadvantage and hopes that no one will blindside him.


These pairs of traits describe the rough outlines and tendencies of your character's personality. They are not iron rules, but indications of the tendencies of your character. In times of stress or ethical conflict, the GM may require you to make a Trait roll, on 1d20 against a given trait. If you roll underneath your trait level, then that tendency should take precedence in your roleplay.

The traits are intended to help guide you in proper play of your character, not to relieve you of responsibility for developing a coherent style of play.

  1. Generating Personality Traits

Roll 3d6 for the leftside column and put the difference of (20 - roll) in the rightside column. These traits will be influenced later by your Race and Religion choices. Spending a Character point can subtract or add 2 points to a trait. The trait pairs must always add up to 20 and the minimum for a trait is 1 and the maximum is 19.

Example: Nursun rolls for his various personality traits on 3d6. He rolls for all of the leftside traits and puts the difference in the rightside column. These traits will be modified later when he applies the Race modifiers. Here are the results of some of his rolls:

For Chaste he rolled a 10, so (20 - 10) = 10 for his Lustful.

For Energetic he rolled a 5, so (20 - 5) = 15 for his Lazy.

For Forgiving he rolled a 13, so (20 - 13) = 7 for his Vengeful, and so on...


Each character has a social standing in Micean society. This is broken into his clan or house standing in the society as a whole, and the characters standing within the clan or house. Belonging to a powerful family and being in good favor with the clan hiearch can be very useful. On the other hand, if you turn you back on all that, you get some extra Character points.

Example: Nursun already has a free-wheeling life of crime and adventure in mind, so he chooses to forgoe both clan and societal acceptance. He chooses a Outlaw Clan for his Social Status, getting an extra 10 character points, and - just to prove his daring - Outcaste from the Clan as well, which gets him another 10 character points! Maybe he should be called Nursun the Black instead... Now he has 85 character points to spend on skills, etc, but will be a marked mouse for all society. In the Micean city states the penalty for Outcaste status is stoning and Outlaw clans are generally viewed as open prey for anyone with a pistol or crossbow.

Table 2-5. Clan Social Status Table

Clan Social       Character Point   
Level                   Cost        
Outlaw /                +10         
Heretic /                           
Peasant                  0          
Yeoman                   3          
Merchant                 5          
Knight                   10         
Lesser Noble             15         
Greater Noble            30         
Royalty                  40        

Table 2-6. Character Status in Clan

Status in Clan    Point     Other Modifiers   
Exiled /             +10    -3 Honor, No      
Murderer /                  loyalty to lord   
Outcast                     or family.        
Moderate Favor        0     No Modifiers      
Favorite of           5     +1 Honor, +2      
Hierarch                    Loyalty to Lord   
                            & Love of         
Clan Heir            15     +3 Honor, +4      
                            Loyalty to        


Each race has various physical and mental characteristics that help define it. The following table shows each playable race and the modifiers to physical stats and personality traits.

Race Name

(Singular / (Race Stat Modifiers Trait Modifiers

Plural) Type)

Mici Mice -1 STR, +1 DEX, -1 SIZ, +1 Lust, +1 Energetic, +1 Cruel, +1
(Miceans) +1 WILL Reckless, +1 Valorous, Hatred (Agasha)

2d6+3, Love (Family) 3d6+2, Loyalty

(Lord) 3d6, Honor 3d6.

Vola (Voleim) Voles +1 POW, -1 CON, -1 SIZ, +1 Decietful, +1 Proud, +1 Pious, +1

+1 INT Suspicious, Hatred (Agasha) 2d6,

Disdain (Micea) 2d6, Love (Family) 3d6,

Loyalty (Lord) 2d6, Honor 2d6+3.

Aga (Agasha) Minor Rats +1 STR, -1 INT, +1 CON, +1 Lustful, +1 Vengeful, +1 Worldly, +1

-1 POW Avaricious, Hatred (Micea) 2d6+3,

Hatred (Sodeska) 2d6, Love (Family)

3d6+4, Loyalty (Lord) 3d5+2, Honor


Pao (Paorani) Otters +1 DEX, +1 CON, +1 STR, +1 Chaste, +1 Energetic, +1 Generous,

-2 POW, -1 WILL +3 Worldly, +3 Avaricious. Hatred

(Shukut) 3d6, Love (family) 3d6+3,

Loyalty (Lord) 2d6, Honor 2d6.

Laka (Lakash) Raccoons +1 STR, +1 CON, +2 DEX, +1 Lazy, +1 Selfish, +1 Decietful, +1

-4 POW Indulgent, +1 Suspicious. Love (Family)

3d6+3, Loyalty (Lord) 1d10, Honor 1d10.

Rifik Sand +2 CON, +2 WILL, -1 +1 Chaste, +1 Forgiving, +1 Honest, +1

(Al-Rifiki) Lizards SIZ, -1 STR, Pious, Hatred (Agasha) 3d6, Hatred

-2 POW (Shukut) 3d6, Love (Family) 2d6,

Loyalty (Lord) 3d6+3, Honor 3d6.

Sodai Bears +2 SIZ, +1 STR, +1 CON, +1 Lazy, +1 Vengeful, +1 Just, +1

(Sodeska) -2 POW, Modest, +1 Valorous, Hatred (Voleim)

-1 DEX, -1 WILL 3d6, Hatred (Agasha) 2d6, Love (Family)

3d6+3, Loyalty (Lord) 3d6, Honor 3d6.

The Kurgan Gila -1 SIZ, +2 CON, +2 POW, +1 Energetic, +2 Modest, +1 Worldly, +1

Monster -3 WILL Prudent, -1 Valorous. Loyalty

(Questleader) 3d6, Honor 3d6+2.

Nish Squirrels -2 SIZ, -1 STR, -1 CON, +1 Lustful, +1 Lazy, +1 Selfish, +1

(Nishurr) +3 DEX, +1 WILL Cruel, +3 Valorous, Loyalty (Clanchief)

2d6, Love (Family) 3d6+2, Honor 1d10.

Takat (Takii) Shrews -3 SIZ, -2 STR, +3 CON, +2 Energetic, +1 Deceitful, +1 Proud,

+2 DEX +1 Reckless, +1 Altruistic. Hatred

(Sodeska) 3d6, Love (Family) 1d6,

Loyalty (Lord) 3d6+2.

Lerneis Martens -2 SIZ, -2 STR, +2 POW, +2 Energetic, +1 Vengeful, +1 Proud, +2

(Lernu) +2 DEX Indulgent, +2 Suspicious, Dislike (Pao)

2d6, Love (Guild Circle Master) 1d6,

Loyalty (Guild Circle Master) 3d6,

Honor 2d6+3


Each Character Point spent on Money provides the character with 50 guilders (a common Micean trade coin, about ¾ of an ounce of gold mixed with ¼ ounce of silver). Prices of common items are on the last page of the booklet.


Skills are grouped into three main types (Physical, Mental and Sorcerous).

  • Physical skills use Dexterity as their base stat.
  • Mental skills use Intelligence as their base stat.
  • Sorcerous skills use Willpower as their base stat.

To purchase a skill, you pay a base number of Character Points (based on the difficulty rating of the skill) which gets you a starting level (based on the base stat of the skill), and then additional points to improve the skill. Skills are divided into four difficulty classes (Easy, Average, Hard and Very Hard).

The following table shows the point cost to purchase skills for the first time, the beginning level for that skill and then the cost for each additional point in the skill. The minimum starting value of a skill must be at least 1, so if your Initial Value with the skill is less than 1, you must pay Character points to bring it up to 1. The maximum starting value of a skill is 19. This maximum cannot be exceeded during Character generation!

Example: Nursun the Wily, as part of his general scheme to become a daring and proficent bandit, decides that he needs to know both Pistol and Fastdraw Pistol to keep his edge on the roads and byways of the realms of Micea. Nursun figures that a 15 skill in each will be a good starting point. Nursun's DEX is 10 and Pistol and Fastdraw Pistol are, respectively Easy and Average skills. Paying 1 character point for the Pistol skill base gets him a skill of 8. To bring this up to 15, he spends another 3½ character points. Fastdraw Pistol is an Average difficulty skill, so he pays 2 character points for the base of 6, and another 9 character points to bring it up to 15. So far he's spent 15½ character points. Knowing that he may need to seek aid or a safe hiding place in the Labyrinths of the Ancients, he decides to pick up at least a smattering of Shukut, the tongue of the loathesome colorless rats of the underworld (a more vicious and black-hearted race as never lived). Unfortunately Shukut is a Very Hard skill. It will cost Nursun 4 character points to get the skill at a base of -2, which in turn will require him to spend another 12 character points to get the skill to the minimum of 1.

  1. Sorcerous Skill Notes

Sorcerous skills have some additional qualities; The Base Power Level is equal to (WILL / 2), this is used to guage the effect of non-resisted or non-combat spell effects. Maximum Effect Dice is equal to (POW / 6) and is used for combat spell effects.

A Sorceror can only "hold" a certain number of spells and their attendant effect levels in his mind at a time. "Held" spells can be used at the demand of the sorceror. Unheld spells must be restudied and their patterns and incantations moved into "held" memory before they can be used.

This limitation is reflected by the Maximum Held Spell Levels attribute, which is equal to ( INT + MageSkill / 2 ). Each "held" spell counts as one Spell Level. Each Effect Die, for spells that have Effect Dice, is also counted as an additional Spell Level.

Example: Baruk the Red is a sorceror with a WILL of 14, an INT of 14 and a POW of 12. His Base Power Level is (14 / 2 = 7). His Maximum Effect Dice are (12 / 6 = 2). His starting Sorcery skill would be (14 - 12 = 2), not that great, but no one ever said being a sorceror was easy. Baruk's Maximum Held Spell Levels are equal to ((14 + 2) / 2 = 8).

Table 2-7. Skill Cost Table

Skill         Initia Initial  Points    Points    
Difficulty    l      Level    to 15     Above 15  
Class         Cost                                
Easy (E)        1     (Stat)               1     
                       - 2                        
Average (A)     2     (Stat)      1         2     
                       - 4                        
Hard (H)        3     (Stat)      2         4     
                       - 8                        
Very Hard       5     (Stat)      4         8     
(VH)                   - 12                       

Skill Lists

  1. Physical Skills (DEX)

Acrobatics (H)

Arquebus (A)

Axe / Mace (A)

Axe Throwing (E)

Blackjack (E)

Blowpipe (H)

Bola (A)

Bow (A)

Brawling (E) [Uses STR as base]

Breath Control (VH)

Broadsword (A)

Carousing (A)

Climbing (A)

Crossbow (E)

Dagger (E)

Escape (H)

Fastdraw Bow (A)

Fastdraw Dagger (A)

Fastdraw Sword (H)

Fighting Staff (H)

Fastdraw Pistol (A)

Flail (H)

Garrote (E)

Judo (H)

Jumping (E)

Karate (H)

Musket (A)

Pickpocket (H)

Pistol (E)

Polearm (A)

Rapier (A)

Running (R)

Saber (A)

Sculpture (A)

Shield (E)

Shortsword (A)

Singing (A)

Skiing (H)

Sleight of Hand (H)

Sling (H)

Spear (A)

Speedload Bow (A)

Speedload Pistol (A)

Swimming (E)

Throwing (H)

Throwing Dagger (E)

Trade Skills (A)

Two Handed Axe / Mace (A)

Two Handed Sword (A)

  1. Mental Skills (INT)

Accounting (H)

Alchemy (H)

Arcane Secrets (VH)

Architecture (A)

Area Knowledge (E)

Armourty (A)

Artist (H)

Astronomy (H)

Bard (A)

Blacksmithing (A)

Caligraphy (A)

Carpentry (E)

Chiurgery (H)

Cooking (E)

Courtesy (A)

Dancing (A)

Diplomacy (H)

Fast Talk (A)

Fireworks (H)

Fishing (E)

Forgery (H)

Gambling (A)

Gardening (E)

Gunner: Arbalest (A)

Gunner: Ballista (A)

Gunner: Cannon (A)

Gunner: Catapult (A)

Heraldry (A)

History (H)

Interrogation (A)

Jeweler (H)

Langauge: Sodeska (H)

Language: Agasha (A)

Language: Al-Rifiki (H)

Language: Lakash (E)

Language: Micean (A)

Language: Paorani (H)

Language: Shukut (VH)

Language: Tradetalk (E)

Language: Volish (A)

Law (H)

Leadership (A)

Leatherworking (E)

Literature (H)

Lockpicking (A)

Mathematics (H)

Merchant (A)

Military Engineering (H)

Musical Instrument (H)

Naturalist (H)

Navigating (H)

Packing (H)

Poetry (A)

Poisons (H)

Politics (A)

Riding (A)

Rif Lizard Handling (H)

Scrounging (E)

Seamanship (E)

Shadowing (A)

Shipwright (H)

Sign Language (E)

Stealth (A)

Strategy (H)

Streetwise (A)

Survival (A)

Tactics (H)

Teamster (A)

Theology (A)

Tracking (A)

Veterinary (A)

War Badger Handling (H)

Warbird Handling (H)

Weasle Handling (H)

Writing (by Language) (A)

  1. Sorcerous Skills (WILL)

Elemental Control: Aether (VH)

Elemental Control: Air (VH)

Elemental Control: Earth (VH)

Elemental Control: Fire (VH)

Elemental Control: Water (VH)

Necromancy (VH)


Table 4-1. Weapon Prices and Notes

Item Usual Weapon Dmg Speed Mod. Notes


Dagger (Bronze) 5 Gu. -1 d6 +0 Breaks on even roll against

iron weapons.

Dagger (Iron) 15 Gu. -1 d6 +0

Short Sword (Bronze) 7 Gu. +0 d6 +1 Breaks on even roll against

iron weapons.

Short Sword (Iron) 21 Gu. +0 d6 +1

Long Sword or Scimitar 10 Gu. +1 hit per +0 Breaks on even roll against

(Bronze) die iron weapons.

Long Sword or Scimitar 30 Gu. +1 hit per +0

(Iron) die

Mace 7 Gu. +1 d6 -1

Spiked Club 3 Gu. -1 d6 +0

Morning Star 10 Gu. +1 d6 -1

Warhammer 11 Gu. +1 d6 -1

Flail 14 Gu. +1 d6 -1

Two-Handed Sword (Bronze) 15 Gu. +1 d6, +1 -1 Breaks on even roll against

hit per iron weapons.

Two-Handed Sword (Iron) 45 Gu. +1 d6, +1 -1

hit per

Two-Handed Flail 17 Gu. +1 d6, +1 -1

hit per

Two-Handed Mace 20 Gu. +1 d6, +1 -1

hit per

Halberd 13 Gu. +1 d6 +1

Poleaxe 16 Gu. +1 d6 +1

Pike 15 Gu. +1 d6 +1

Javelin 1 Gu. -1 d6 +1

Short Spear 5 Gu. +0 d6 +1

Quarterstaff 2 Gu. -2 d6 +1

Long Spear 8 Gu. +0 d6 +1

Self-Bow 8 Gu. -1 d6 +0

Composite Bow 36 Gu. +0 d6 +0

Longbow 100 Gu. +1 d6 +0

Light Crossbow 60 Gu. 2d6 +1

Medium Crossbow 80 Gu. 3d6 +0

Heavy Crossbow 100 Gu. 4d6, +1 hit +0

per die

Quiver for 20 arrows 5 Gu.

20 Arrows 15 Gu.

30 Crossbow quarrels 20 Gu.

Leather Sling 1 Gu. +1

20 leaden sling pellets 2 Gu. -1 d6

Bola 3 Gu. +0

Blowgun 4 Gu. +0

20 Blowgun darts 1 Gu.

Incidiary Fire-pot 25 Gu. 2d6 for 1-3 -1


Staff-sling 4 Gu. +0 d6 +0

Regular Pistol 75 Gu. 3d6 +0 Takes a round to reload.

Musket 150 Gu. 5d6 +0 Takes a round to reload.

Arquebus 125 Gu. 6d6 -1 Only one shot every two

rounds, plus reloading.

"Pepperbox" Pistol 65 Gu. 2d6 +0 Holds six shots.

Rifik Long Rifle 500 Gu. 6d6 +1 Holds five shells in cylinder


Hûkun Self-Loading Pistol n/a 5d6, +1 hit +1 Magazine holds 11 rounds

per die


Table 4-2. Armor Prices and Notes

Item Usual Armor Max Dmg Speed Notes

Price Value

Light Helmet 4 Gu. 1 5 +0


Light Helmet 12 Gu. 2 20 +0


Medium Helmet 8 Gu. 2 10 +0


Medium Helmet 24 Gu. 3 30 +0


Heavy Helmet 30 Gu. 3 15 -½ No peripheral vision


Heavy Helmet 90 Gu. 5 50 -¼ No peripheral vision


Gorget and 20 Gu. 3 20 -½

Shoulder plates

Breastplate 25 Gu. 4 20 -1 Directional value (fore attacks)


Breastplate 75 Gu. 8 80 -¾ Directional value (fore attacks)


Backplate 20 Gu. 4 20 -½ Directional value (rear attacks)


Backplate (Iron) 60 Gu. 8 80 -¼ Directional value (rear attacks)

Vambraces 10 Gu. 2 10 -½


Vambraces (Iron) 30 Gu. 4 40 -¼

Greaves (Bronze) 10 Gu. 1 5 -½

Greaves (Iron) 30 Gu. 2 20 -¼

Mail Kilt 15 Gu. 2 15 -1

Chainmail Shirt 40 Gu. 3 15 -1


Chainmail Shirt 120 Gu. 6 60 -¾


Courboulli tunic 30 Gu. 2 10 -½

Buckler 5 Gu. 3 20 -¼ Value only counts on good skill


Medium Shield 10 Gu. 5 30 -½ Value only counts on good skill


Large Shield 15 Gu. 8 50 -¾ Value only counts on good skill

roll. -1 Speed.


  • When calculating the Speed Modifier, round up all fractions to the nearest whole number, after adding all modifiers together.

Table 4-3. Miscelanious Items

Item                        Usual      Notes                                                 
Baldric, Belt and Tabard    2 Gu.                                                            
Travellers Cloak            15 Gu.                                                           
15 meters of rope           1 Gu.                                                            
Staff, 3-meters             1 Gu.                                                            
Spike, Bronze               1 Gu.                                                            
Lantern, Bronze             10 Gu.                                                           
Wax Candle                   Gu.                                                            
Pottery flask of oil         Gu.                                                            
Flint, Steel & Tinder       1 Gu.                                                            
Compass                     25 Gu.                                                           
Astrolabe                   75 Gu.                                                           
Astronomical Ephemeris      100 Gu.                                                          
Pen-box (5 pens, paper)     3 Gu.                                                            
Linen Paper roll            1 Gu.                                                            
Paint-box (paints,          9 Gu.                                                            
Leather backpack            10 Gu.                                                           
Blanket                     2 Gu.                                                            
Cooking gear                5 Gu.                                                            
Chieurgeons Bag             80 gu.                                                           
Sorcerors Bag               140 Gu.                                                          
Day's worth of travellers    Gu.                                                            
Inn lodgings for a night.    Gu.