Oath of Empire was inspired, in part, by the costume epics of yore - you know, movies like CLEOPATRA, SPARTACUS, SAMSON AND DELILAH, THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, GLADIATOR...

Movies that required Cinescope and Cinerama to hold all the gory detail, casts of thousands, enormous sets and vast scope. So, what would a book be without a movie to back it up?

So here's your chance to get your vote in! Who should play which part? There are some simple rules - the actor or actress must be alive when you cast your vote. No CGI reanimations allowed either!

To vote, email me a photograph of the person (GIF or JPG, in 100 wide) if I don't have one and why you think your actor/actress should star. You can vote on all the roles if you want.

My first picks, where I have them, are already shown.

There are only a few actors/actresses I refuse to have!

  • Uma Thurman (was in the Avengers instead of Mimi Rogers -- bad plan!)
  • Gary Oldman (has been too many villains!)
  • Michael Douglas (blech!)

Other suggestions:

Reader for the audio version: Frank Muller


 Dwyrin MacDonald, a young Hibernian magician

 Leonardo DiCaprio (2)  Anyone BUT Leonardo DiCaprio (2)

 Thyatis Julia Clodia, soldier of the West

Sarah Michelle Gellar (1) Gabriella Reese (2) Kristen Johnson (1) Bridgitt Nielsen (1)

 Prince Maxian Atreus, Western Roman Empire

 Joseph Finnes (2)  Sean Patrick Flannery (1)
Joseph Finnes

 Ahmet, an Egyptian school-teacher

Arnold Vosloo (1)  Samuel L Jackson (2)

 Krista, a slave in the House of de'Orelio

 Parker Posey (1)

 Kristina Gates (1)

 (No Picture)

 Dahak, a Perisan sorcerer

 Ben Affleck (2)

 Christopher Walken (1)


 Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra

 Salma Hayek (2)  Helena Bonham Carter (1)
 Salma Hayek  

 Anastasia de'Orelio, Duchess of Parma

 Mimi Rogers (1)  Isabella Rosselini (1)

 Catherine Zeta-Jones (1)


 Nikos, An Illyrian handyman

 Jean Reno (2)

 Emperor Galen Atreus (WRE)

Russell Crowe (1)  Ralph Finnes (3)

 Prince Aurelian Atreus (WRE)

 Christian Slater (1)

George Clooney (1) 


 Emperor Heraclius (ERE)

 Bruce Campbell (1)

 Shahar-Baraz, General of the Persian armies

Arnold Schwartznegger (1)  Sean Bean (1)

 Alais, a stray cat

Jennifer Connelly (1) Jennifer Love Hewitt (1)

Bridgitte Nielssen (1)
Bobbi Phillips (1)

 Chrosoes, Emperor of Persia

 Dennis Hopper (1)

 Princess Shirin of Persia

 Jennifer Lopez (2)  Salma Hayek (1)
 Jennifer Lopez  

 Jusuf, a Khazar

Tony Shalhoub (1)

 Sahul, a Khazar

Stanley Tucci (1)

 Dahvos, a Khazar

 Seth Green (1)  Matt Damon (1)

 Gaius Julius, an old Roman

James Woods (1)

 Abdmachus, a Nabatean wizard and Persian spy

 Christopher Walken (1)  Ian Holm (1)

 Zoe, a young woman of Palmyra

 Charisma Carpenter (1)  Eliza Dushku (1)
 Charisma Carpenter

 The Cat-Eyed Queen, Constantinople

 Anjelica Houston (1)

 Mikele, a teacher on the island of Thira

Michelle Yeoh (1)

Lucy Liu (1) 
 Michelle Yeoh