Oath of Empire is a series of four books (Shadow of Ararat, Gate of Fire, Storm of Heaven, Dark Lord) that follow the adventures of a handsome prince (Maxian), an Irish lad (Dwyrin MacDonald), a young Roman woman (Thyatis Clodia) and an Egyptian priest (Ahmet) through triumph, trouble and epic conflict between the Roman and Persian Empires in the 7th century AD. Love, romance, slaughter, intrigue, sorcery and sacrifice... a Cinerama / De Mille movie on paper!

Thomas Harlan

News 08-01-2001

  • New pictures of ZoŽ, Odenathus and Nicholas of Roskilde by Billy Payne added to the Characters page.
  • The STORM OF HEAVEN (Oath of Empire, book #3) is in stores now. Buy a copy today!
  • Just to tide you over until next year, deleted scenes from STORM and the first four chapters of THE DARK LORD are available on-line. Enjoy!

Convention Appearances

Thomas will be at WorldCon Philadelphia in August 30 - September 3rd, 2001.

He will not be at World Fantasy Con (in Montreal) this year, sadly.

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