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What is this you say?

It is a game where you are the controlling power behind the throne of a nation.  Make decisions regarding the government, military, espionage, trade, and magic.

This specific campaign combines the solid rules structure of
Lords of the Earth with fantasy flavor and a new world.

Work proceeds on a restart of the campaign.  In 2009 I converted the majority of the inforamtion onto xStats and sent out stat sheets.  At the time I asked for participation and trade route status.  Too long has gone by and I've been far too slow in working on this to have it any other way.  I also do not expect players to just fall out of the sky overnight and pick up where we left off at once years ago now.

When it starts again several things will be accomplished.  
1) The campaign will be run using xStats - that has taken a lot of work
2) A new map will be in use - software has changed multiple times
3) Campaign reduced in size for now until more turns are actually processed
4) My Lords will be on my system but until several turns go by I will send you the newsfax, map, and stat sheet each turn. Not the whole program just the basics.
5) A Live Rulebook Wiki specific to 51 will be in use. It is based on the 5.5 Ruleset for Lords of the Earth but there are some eliminated items and quite a few important add-ons.

Turn Fees, Donation explanation
Lords 51 is a Donation Based LOTE game.
Required : Orders each turn - 2 turns in a row and your out.
and yes . . . that means you can play for free as long as you pay attention.  If you find the campaign and its unique feel a good fit then I certainly appreciate any support.

Both my email and my Paypal address are

Thank you!
J. J.