Lords of the Earth

Campaign Thirty Three

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L33 Rules Addendum's:

Finding out a region’s GPV / resistance Value:

            To find out the (GPv / RV) of a region, you must use a Investigate Location (IL) command with notes saying you wish to know those regions. Otherwise they will be seen as trying to investigate the region for lost artifacts and ruins.


On artifacts and ruins:

            This can and will change from time to time. For the moment, you can begin by using the IL command in regions to find leads on what the populace thinks are ruins. READ THE WHOLE NEWSFAX, sometimes I will drop hints in the story above on possible locations of hidden ruins. This is by no means a guarantee. As you pick up hints and clues, sometimes they will lead you astray, other times they will lead you closer, the closer you are to a ruin or artifact the more bonus you should try and put into your IL commands, this is because as you leads and clues get fewer and farther between, the roll necessary to get the next clue could be as high as 40. However, bonuses for finding previous clues will be around, for instance, if you know of the entrance to an old bunker, you may have a +7 to your next roll of trying to investigate how to get into the bunker, but the necessary roll may be an 18, so you will want to put extra effort in to try and succeed at the roll.

            After you have found an artifact, it should show up in your player notes, with a name, a difficulty for your current tech level (anywhere between 1 and 100), and some information about it. You can then chose to research it if you like. There can be both good and bad consequences for researching an artifact and it may take more that 1 turn to fully research it. Ex. Rubicube – difficulty 6 – an old game played to stimulate the mind by trying to match all the colors on each side. You can decide to research it. If you succeed, “Your scientists have grown smarter and they completed the cube - +10 university investment +3 years in operation” or if you fail, “One of your scientists has gone completely insane trying to solve the rubicube - -5 university investment -5 years in operation.” Its up to you to decide whether you want to sell it off to the highest bidder or try and unlock the secrets for yourself. Also, with failures, you can sometimes lose the artifact through failure, but if you don’t, you can try and research it again.


            As I finish out my design, you will see more notes posted on how to research an artifact and what the various difficulty levels could be.