Lords of the Earth
Campaign 32:

The Birth of Magic



This web site is here to provide an central store of information for the Lords of the Earth Campaign #32. For those not familiar with the Lords of the Earth it is a play by (e)mail strategy game. For more information check out the main Lords of the Earth page here. Most campaigns are historically based, or at least are free from such fantastic elements as magic.

In this campaign fantastic elements will play an increasing role. The basic premise is that the world has a rising level of magic. Around 1000AD or so, this level reaches the point where it starts to work somewhat reliably. This level will slowly increase as the compaign progresses allowing more and more feats of magic to become possible. In the beginning few nations have much, if any, real knowledge or control over the magic. To make use of it will require time and effort. As such one of the major themes of this campaign is a sense of discovery.

In order to support this magic in game terms, new rules have been devised. These rules have been written using LaTeX, a macro package for the TeX typesetting language. This means that the easiest way for me to present them in is in .dvi files. I realize that most people do not have .dvi viewers and so .pdf versions will be made available as well. Until the campaign gets closer to starting however, the .pdf files may lag somewhat behind the .dvi files. This will change as the start date approaches to ensure everyone has the same access to the rules.