Campaign 20 - Rules Supplement and Clarifications

Updated 03 March, 2002.

Changes in red.

Previous update was 02 February, 2001.

Campaign 20 uses the Middle Ages 5.8.2 Rulebook. Most sections which were labelled (Official) were deleted,as they are incorporated in the new version.
The really sweet rulebooks are ring-bound books available from Thomas Harlan for a fee.  Free ones can be downloaded and read on your computer.

1.3 Payment and Credit  (Lords 20)

I will always acknowledge receipt of your payment.  If I don't, assume I didn't get it.

1.4 Late Orders (Lords 20)

I will always acknowledge receipt of your orders.  If I don't, assume I didn't get them.

I will only accept late orders if all of the following conditions are met:

2.2.1. Changing Culture Type

Culture Type can change in two ways:

1.  Tech Level change.  Each Culture Type has a range of allowable Tech Levels.
Culture Type Civilized Barbarian Pre-Columbian Nomadic Seafaring
Tech Level Range 3-7 2-4 1-3 2-4 1-7

If you stray outside of the Tech Level range, your Culture type will change.

2.  Behavior change.  Act differently.  For example, build cities and cultivate regions to become civilized.  Migrate to a wilderness to become barbarian.  Move your homeland to an island, discard landlocked regions, and build a big navy to become seafaring.  This can occur without your consent, but I will warn you first, so you can change your ways if you'd rather not change Culture Type.  Ask me if you have any questions/concerns. Slave NFP use

The use of sNFP will cause your economic base to change to slave. Non-Slave economy nations cannot traffic in sNFP. Federal Democracy Leader Replacement (Lords 20)

A Fed Dem.'s leaders, except the Senate Leader ("king"), represent professional administrators who will remain in service like the leaders of other governments.  The "king" will have a 50% chance of being reelected each turn.  Other leaders campaigning for their reelection will increase this chance by a small amount.

2.3.2 International Trade Value (Lords 20)

Table 2-3, City Type Modifiers, has been revised:

City Type
Silk Road
Port and Road
Capital, Port, and Road
Capital and Road
Capitol and Port
Port and Road


2.3.4 Regional Income (Lords 20)

Change to Table 2-7: Homeland tax multiple is only 1.0. This multiplier was meant to help fledgling nations, but it is too big an advantage for nations with a great homeland (e.g., Abbasid).

2.3.11 Saved Gold and 2.3.12 National Force Pool

Nations which are open for a player will not save all of their gold and NFP.  I will spend it in moderate amounts to increase their ESI and MSI.  They do not invade neighbors, nor are they easy prey for invasion.

2.4.1 Bureaucracy (Official)

CCR = BL +  King's Admin (if Ruling).
The free effective BL point has left the building.  So invest in this if you have outlying regions which need this, or have your K/H use the RULE action.
You cannot "sell" back BL points, but religious primacies may loan them in accordance with the base rulebook.
You may "lay off" BL points, and if you do you will receive a 50% bonus to investments when you decide you want to "rehire" them.

2.4.2 Infrastructure (Official)

Your effective Infrastructure is:
Infra  + King's Admin (if Ruling).
The free effective INFRA point is also departed the fix.  So invest in this if you have an Imperial Size which needs this, or have your K/H use the RULE action, or other leaders ADMIN.
You cannot "sell" back BL points, but religious primacies may loan them in accordance with the base rulebook.
You may "lay off" BL points, and if you do you will receive a 50% bonus to investments when you decide you want to "rehire" them.

2.10.2 Force Point Troop Support (Lords 20)

Rule in effect at 10%

To compute your required NFP support...

1.  sum all mobile national units.
    These include all infantry, cavalry, warships, and transports of all equipment classes (light. normal, and heavy) and all training levels (inexperienced, normal, and elite), regardless of their location under a leader or in a regional/city garrison
    These do NOT include permanent structures like city and fortress wall points, or field fortifications.

2.  Take that number and divide by 10, drop fractions.  Alternatively, take that number and erase the last digit.

3.  The number you have now is your NFP support required or this turn.  You must pay this, or your armies will deteriorate (by 10% across the board) due to injury, illness, and retirement.    This could have significant effects, especially if you have garrisoned pacified regions.

4.  You may not demobilize units to pay this support or to reduce the total number before the computation.

2.12 Unnamed Leaders (Lords 20)

Unnamed leaders will appear in the newsfax identified by their leader type stats, for example, "L574 defended the southern coastline."  This does not apply to allied leaders.  Alternatively, I may give the anonymous leaders Tolkien elf names, cuz I think they sound funny. Feudal Allies (Lords 20 and others)

The feudal ally will keep any loot or slaves for himself.  The feudal ally leader will not show up on your stat sheet. However, he is available for all combat actions.  His combat ability will be determined when necessary to resolve combat actions. Also, the feudal ally's army is not tracked. It is calculated only when needed for combat resolution, and is regenerated each turn. Allied Troops (Lords 20)

The ally will keep any loot or slaves for himself.

2.14.12 Maximum Status for a Region (Official)

Table 2-22, Maximum Region Status by Terrain: Regardless of the terrain it occupies, a city can be Friendly.

3.5 Submission of Newsfax Material (Lords 20)

I do like to receive material for the newsfax writeup.  Restrictions:  No deceit (unless accompanied by a successful CF operation).   No excessive self-glorification.  GM reserves editing rights.

5.2 Commercial Trading Policies (Official)

Trade can only be initiated at the start of a turn, before any diplomacy, conquest, etc.  Any nation can initiate trade with another (within range).  Both nations' orders do NOT need to say so.  If a nation sends trade ships to your nation for international trade, and you wish to stop them, write the route number and "Yes" under the "Interdict Route?" section of your orders.

5.2.2 Sea Trade

All MSP for a given trade route must be based at the same port. (Official [Program limitation])

MSP do not have to be based at a port within the trade range.  They can be as far as two sea zones beyond the city to which you are tracing trade.  For example, suppose Fatimid Egypt was trading with Varangian Kiev, tracing the trade route from Cherson in Polovotsy to Alexandria in Egypt.  Fatimid Egypt would not have to base the MSP in Alexandria.  They could base them at a port city on the Lower Nile or Upper Nile.   (Lords 20 and others) Basing Limits (Official)

City MSP capacity is now modified by the tax multiple. T and PT will only get half; FA, NT, and C none at all.

City MSP Capacity = City GPv x 20 x Control Status Tax Multiple.

5.2.4 Transports and Warships as MSP (Official Clarification)

When transports are allocated to a trade route, they become MSP equal to their cargo rating, and their ship identity is lost. In other words, they are no longer a transport, only MSP. To convert these MSP back to ships, you may pay 4 GP per 4 MSP and receive heavy transports.

When warships are allocated to a trade route for MSP purposes they are converted to straight MSP based on their cargo capacity.  Like transports, they are then no longer warships, and cannot be converted back to warships.  They can be converted to heavy transports at the cost of 4 GP and 4 MSP.

When warships are allocated to a route for escort services, their MSP does not count towards the route and they reamin warships.  A false leader number (99) will appear on your leaders/armies list, so the appropriate supports are paid.  These escorts are may or may not be effective vs pirates or enemy fleets, based on relative numbers.

5.3 Mass conscription (Official)

Reverted to official rules on this issue.

5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 Construction (Lords 20)

For my own sanity, conditional builds are not allowed. You must state what, how many, and where.

5.4.3 Training Levels (Lords 20 and others)

Optional rule activated.  Remember, elite troops require TL6+.

5.4.4 Equipment Classes (Lords 20 and others)

Optional rule activated.  To prevent confusion between 301c and 30lc, light units will be represented by an 'x' instead of an 'l'.  Example: 30xc

5.4.7 Building Troops for Allies (Lords 20 and others)

An Ally that has had troops built for it in a turn cannot be diplomacized that turn.

5.6.1  Colonizing newly cultivated regions

Any 1 GPv steppe or wilderness region with a cultivation process complete can be colonized to a 2 GPv.  If the region reverts to its original terrain (case in point = jungle), the GPv will reduce back to 1.
This does not contradict  Any 0 Gpv region is climatogically or geographically unsuitable for habitation.  These regions may not be colonized.

5.6.3 and 5.6.4 Colonizing Populated Regions and Cities (Official)

You will become a Caste society. An army must accompany the settlers.

5.7 Building Cities

Unnamed cities will appear in the newsfax by their city stats. For example, "The port city 1+10p3 now graces the coast of Tabaristan." Have Children order

Children will sometimes be born to your king or heir even if this action is not specified in orders.
Wives can be brought along with leaders as they travel, but their chances of safely having children decreases, especially if the army happens to be on campaign (i.e. in a battle).
The queen or princess can be captured in a battle.
Royal wives (queens, concubines, etc...) can, and regularly do, die as a direct result of the pregnancy/childbirth process. (Lords 20 and others). Uncontrolled Borders

A border is considered uncontrolled if you control the destination region at a status lower than non-paying tributary or abbey.  (Official) Oceanic Movement (Lords 20 and others)

There is no movement allowed between  Old World and  New World until Rennaissnce hits.  The ocean current arrows will be used then.
All ocean going leaders and navies travel on coastal sea zones that border your own nation and those of all trade partners at the rate of 1 month per zone.
Movement on all coastal sea zones not bordering your nation and your trade partners is 2 months per zone.
Monsoon arrows will speed up travel by a factor of a half.
Sailing against a strong current counts an additional month.
Sailing into hostile waters (H code in the sea zone on your maps) costs an additional month.
Travel on all mapped open ocean arrows and inter-island arrows is 1 month per arrow.
Travel on non-mapped or partly-mapped open ocean arrows and inter island arrows is 4 months per arrow (as you are mapping them).
Leaders do not need ship units to travel overseas. React order

The only orders that can be performed at the same time as React are: HC, UT, and RT.   (Lords 20 and others)

This action does not cause the army to go "On Campaign" by itself, but if the army reacts to, and battles another army, it will be "On Campaign" for the next turn, and cost double to support. (Official), 36, & 37 Census, Equipment Classes, and Training Levels (Lords 20 and others)

Optional rules in use.

7.3 How to Fill out Leader Action Orders

Please use the format in the example.

9.1.1 CCR

The Command Control Radius traces from the king if Infra is 0 or 1.  Infra 2 or greater traces CCR from the capital.

9.8 Rebellions (Official)

To clarify:  For leaders, the Command Control Radius check (and possible rebellion) applies during the turn as well as at the end. For regions, it applies at the end of the turn only.

10.9.1  Horde Diplomacy (Official)

To conduct horde Diplomacy, you must use a standard DP action (4 AP), by a  K, H, or L leader on any region within the horde block you are targeting.  See the maps for the horde blocks' locations.
A successful result will bring the entire horde block into your horde either assimilated or allied.  That horde block's poulation is reduced to 1.
Horde Khans may only have as many allied leaders as their leadership (hidden) stat.
To make room for more allies, horde K, H, or L leaders can conduct further diplomacy on their allies, attempting to assimilate them in to the base horde.

10.10.2.  Pre-Columbian Government Type Limits (Lords 20 and others)

Not in use.

10.0 Secret Empires (Lords 20 and others)

In use.

12.2 Calculating Imperial Size (Lords 20)

In Table 13-5, Government Type Modifiers, the modifier for Dictatorship and Federalized Democracy is too small. Starting turn 35, I'm bumping it up a bit, to 0.67.

X.X Fair Warning (Lords 20)

For those of you who know some or all of the GM's rules:  I have modified some sections in the GM's rules. In most cases, it was to make very easy things more difficult and very difficult things easier.  In some cases, it was to make things less predictable.