Lords Version 6.0 Units

     The purpose of this page is to explain the V6 changes to unit types, and the details of conversion of V5 units to V6 units.

     The V6 UBC (Unit Build Chart) contains significant changes from V5. In specific, many unit types are eliminated, artillery units now use "g" (for gunpowder or gunnery) rather than "a" (for artillery), and a few new unit types have been introduced.
     Below are the details of the unit list changes. Only new basic V6 units appear in the "Added" column. Optional units will be discussed elsewhere.
     Unit types unique to Lords4 are in red.

     In Lords4 some units can be built at earlier or later TL than standard for V6 since I'm trying to keep the campaign historical. Lords4 considers TL6 the 1200s (Medieval), TL7 the 1300s (Late Medieval), and TL8 the 1400s (early Renaissance).
     Footnotes give explanations of differences from V6.

Unit Type Culture Removed Added
Cavalry All XIC, EC and HC
Barbarian & Seafaring also HEC
Seafaring & Civilized also XEC
Infantry All XII, EI and HI CI (Crossbow Inf) at TL 6
AI (Arquebus Inf) at TL 8
Nomadic & Pre-Columbian also HEI
Artillery All all "A" type units XBG (Light Bombard) at TL 7 3
BG (Bombard) at TL 8
Warhips All EW, HEW, HW, W, XEW
& all "G" type units 1
W (Caravel) at TL 7
CW (Carrack) at TL 8
Renaissance, Navigation 4+ VW (Corvette) at TL 8
EW (Galleon) at TL 8
Transports All HT, T, and XXT 2 CT (Cog) at TL 6
T (Transport) at TL 8

1 can't use G ("galley") anymore since V6 gunpowder artillery uses that. The V6 UBC uses R for "rowed".
2 the XXT unit (which had 1 cargo space) is being removed since in V6 the XT units have only 1 cargo space, making the XXT redundant now.
3 this size was carried by Caravels and later (and in greater numbers) by Carracks.

Turn 65 Conversion
     Lords4 will restart with all positions' units converted from V5 to V6 units. Below are the details of the conversion. Gold generated will be added to the position's "Saved Gold". Gold required will be subtracted (no position went negative).
     Units unique to Lords4 are in red.

Unit types not listed are unchanged.
Old Unit New Unit Notes
EC 2 C All
HC C +1gp All
HEC 2 C +1gp Barbarian & Seafaring only
XEC 2 XC +1gp Seafaring & Civilized only
EI 2 I All
HI I +1gp All
HEI 2 I +1gp Nomadic & Pre-Columbian only
EW 2 XW +2gp 2W -2gp if TL7+
HEW 2 XW +3gp 2W -1gp if TL7+
HW XW +2gp W if TL7+
W XW +1gp W -1gp if TL7+
XEW 2 XW +1gp All
HT CT +1gp All
T CT All
XXT XT -1gp All
XG XW -1gp All
G XW All

Version 2.0 - December 2007